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Fire Department
Fire Department

 Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve Program

The Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve program is currently on hold. Our webpages will be updated as we are able to resume programs. You are encouraged to continue discussing disaster preparedness with your families, especially as wildfire season approaches.

The City of Berkeley gives out free automatic gas shutoff valves to people in one and two unit buildings who take steps to prepare for disasters.  This program increases community participation in disaster preparedness and potentially reduces the risk of fires caused by gas leaks after earthquakes.

 New Gas Shutoff Valve Picture

Application Process

Step 1- Disaster Preparedness Training

Take classes that teach you essential skills in responding to disasters.  Any homeowner, co-habitant of the homeowner, or current tenant with landlord approval who meets the training requirements below will qualify the homeowner for a free valve.  More information on these classes is available here: Classes

 The requirements are:

  1. Within the last 24 months, complete either type of CERT training described below:
  • Full CERT Academy   OR
  • Two Single-Session CERT trainings


  1. Within the last 24 months, complete:
  • One Single Session CERT training  AND
  • One Berkeley Ready Preparedness Class

Step 2- Apply for a Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit is required to install an automatic gas shutoff valve.  This permit can be obtained by a homeowner or their contractor.  Applicants for Gas Shutoff Valves are responsible for the associated permit fees. Apply for a Seismic Gas Shut-off Valve Permit through the Permits Online System.

Note- Low income applicants may have the permit fee covered by the program.  See the qualifications listed here: #Low_Income_Homeowner_Program. If you qualify under this program, complete a permit application, but submit it to the Office of Emergency Services with the general application.

Low Income Plumbing Permit and Supplemental Document One and Two (Submit to Office of Emergency Services ONLY, not Permit Service Center)

 Step 3- Complete an Application for an Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

General Application

Low Income Application

Step 4- Submit Complete Application

Via Email (Preferred): OES@CityofBerkeley.info

Via Mail: OES/Gas Shutoff Program 

2100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704 

Via Fax: (510) 981-5579 

 Step 5- Upon Approval of Application, Pick up Voucher

Pick up voucher from:

Public Safety Building 2nd Floor

2100 MLK Jr. Way

Berkeley, CA 94704

 Step 6- Obtain Valve from Vendor

Vendor information will be shared when voucher is picked up

 Step 7- Install Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

 Step 8- Close Permit with Permit Service Center and Notify Office of Emergency Services

Follow directions from the Permit Service Center for inspection of installed valve.  Once the inspection is complete, email OES@CityofBerkeley.info or 510-981-5605 and confirm completed inspection.

Program Brochure 

 Classes for Qualification

 CERT Classes

    CERT classes are available free of charge for anyone who lives or works in Berkeley.  More information is available here: CERT Website

 Berkeley Ready Presentations:

   Berkeley Ready presentations are routinely offered in Berkeley discussing earthquake and wildfire preparedness.  Drop-in presentations are hosted at rotating library sites throughout the year. Neighborhood groups can also request a presentation at a home in their neighborhood.  Request a presentation, or find out about currently scheduled presentations by emailing ready@cityofberkeley.info. 

 Low Income Homeowner Program 

The Office of Emergency Services has established low-income guidelines to determine if Berkeley homeowners qualify for permit fee support. Applicant must provide proof of eligibility for all conditions at the time of registration. Qualifying low income applicants will have the permit fee covered by the program.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a Berkeley resident homeowner.
  2. Applicant's household is very low income as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines for California and the Bay Area (see low-income application).
  3. Applicant must complete the training requirements listed here: #Required_Classes

Verification Requirements

Low Income Determination: Note: include current (within 60 days) income verification for all persons residing at home address.

  1. Federal W-2 or Schedule C or two most recent consecutive paystubs;
  2. Current tax return (Form 1040) if submitted by a Paid Preparer;
  3. Award letter from Social Security or Social Services with current benefit amount (including Foster Child Payments);
  4. Copies of profit and loss statements;
  5. Student loans or grants;
  6. Affidavit of irregular or temporary income that cannot otherwise be verified.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which residential buildings are eligible?

  • One/two-unit residential properties.

Are permits always needed to install Gas Shutoff Valves?

  • Yes! Any time an alteration is made to a gas line the City of Berkeley requires a permit.  This includes the installation of a gas shutoff valve or any other device that goes on a gas line.  Plumbing permits to alter a gas line can be obtained from the Permit Service Center

Who can complete an application for a Gas Shutoff Valve?

  • The homeowner must complete the application
  • If the homeowner qualifies for this program through a co-habitant/tenant, proof that the co-habitant resides in the building must be provided (see below).
  • If there are multiple owners (TIC, Co-op, business, spouses, etc), all owners must be listed on and sign the application

How is home ownership determined?

  • The City's Permit Service Center will determine home ownership when the pluming permit is submitted.  The name on the permit in the homeowner section must match the name of the applicant for the gas shutoff valve.

How is co-habitant status determined?

     Note: If application qualifications are met by anyone other than the homeowner the following proof is required.  The plumbing permit must be submitted to the Permit Service Center by the homeowner or contractor. 

  • Any two of the following (current within 60 days):
    • Any utility, financial, rent or tax bill that has the co-habitant's name and the address of the homeowner
    • Valid California State ID or Driver's License that has the co-habitant's name and the address of the homeowner 

What if the valve is damaged during installation?

  • The valve will be inspected by the vendor before leaving the shop for any damage.  
  • Any damage that occurs to the valve after leaving the shop is the responsibility of the homeowner, including damage caused by improper installation
  • Damaged valves are not the responsibility of the vendor or the City of Berkeley

How do we verify that the valve was installed?

  • The homeowner must notify OES via email or phone call when the application is complete and the permit has been closed.
  • Note: If permit is still open after 12 months repayment to City of Berkeley will be requested for the valve's cost.
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