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Guidance on Cal Football Game Day Parking Permit Application

If you or your organization plans on charging a fee for parking during the Cal Football Game Days, the following is required by the City of Berkeley (CoB):

  1. The applicant submits and pays for a Business License Application to the CoB Finance Department at 1947 Center Street, Berkeley, CA.
  1. The applicant submits the Cal Football Game Day Parking Permit application package to the Permit Service Center (PSC) at 2120 Milvia Street, which shall include the following as a minimum:
  • An electronic site plan, of 8.5" x11" minimum size, showing building(s), exits from the building(s), and parking area, number and location of the parking stalls, pedestrian pathways, drive aisles and driveway location is required. If the building is served by a fire department connection and fire hydrant, their locations must be shown. This is submitted along with a completed permit application, describing the work as "Parking on Cal Home Football Game Days".
  1. The Fire Plans Examiner at the PSC will examine the package for completeness, level of detail, and legibility. If he/she approves, the permit package will be routed to Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement staff for a field inspection.
  1. The applicant shall contact the appropriate Fire Inspector (510) 981-5585 and Code Enforcement Officer (510) 981-2492 with the permit number to schedule an appointment. The inspector and officer shall verify the information submitted on the approved plans, examine exiting paths and fire department access into the lot and to affected portions of the structure. If all the requirements are met, the permit package and business license will be signed and dated for approval.
  1. After the inspection is approved, the PSC shall process the permit and assess fees.  The applicant will pay the fees and pick up the permit at the PSC.
  1. The permit and approved plans must be available on-site at every game day.


  1. Business License Applications and Parking Permit Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days before the date of the game day requested.
  2. The permit is only valid for Cal Home Football Game Days during the current season.
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