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Telegraph Livability Coalition - Recommendations    

Short Term: 1. Request meeting with owner of Berkeley Inn site, to see if a complete housing

 development proposal can be submitted in a timely way.

2. Monitor legal follow up of City initiation of non-judicial foreclosure.

3. Email Berkeley and UC Police Departments to discuss ongoing Walk/Bike the Beat


4. Advocate To Telegraph Property Business Improvement District to increase

Ambassador attention to the Haste and Telegraph intersection.

5. Recruit stakeholders to work with Telegraph Merchants Association on pedestrian

lighting and safety.

6. Work with partners to produce graphically appealing brochure to promote Telegraph.

7. Create roster of vacant storefronts and bring to attention of Economic Development,

& City Council.

8. Contact owners of vacant sites to identify obstacles, and offer assistance.

9. Continue to advocate to City on addressing dangerous Dwight/Telegraph right turn.

10. Paint new visible markings of sidewalk vending spaces to decrease conflict and


Medium Term:

1. Explore options for increasing and improving clean and accessible public toilet


2. Celebrate Street Vendors and explore ways to better facilitate and promote their


3. Work with student and community groups to schedule more family and community

events in People’s Park.

4. Advocate for new student dorm and coop housing to be exempt from University.

5. Seek funding for transit improvements such as level boarding and prepaid fares.

6. Improve signage for Public Parking and increase awareness that customers can park

in UC lots at certain times (this gives businesses more parking options and UC more


7. Encourage installation of more murals, as well as more art in windows (vacant).

8. Meet with interested business owners to discuss getting a critical mass of businesses

open later.

9. Get cost estimate from Public Works on using under sidewalk hose outlets to clean


10. Promote a proliferation of musicians playing on the street all year long not just

during festivals.

Long term:

1. Consider replacing the sidewalk and/or installing a free speech walk of fame, to

recognize the many issues where Berkeley was first. Off The Grid Flyer Off The Grid Flyer back


 Berkeley Design Advocates (BDA)

On April 13th and 14th the BDA hosted a design charrette for Telegraph Avenue. Expert architects, urban planners, and transit specialists congregated and discussed potential ways to reinvent Telegraph and bolster its future success. The discussions focused on problems faced by small businesses and how to properly address the needs of both the students and the surrounding neighborhoods. The BDA then proposed ideas resulting from the discussions, which were critiqued and commented on by members of the community. We are close to the finalized plans of the BDA's Charrette, and closer to a revitalized Telegraph avenue.


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