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Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)
Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility Roadmap: On July 21, 2020, Berkeley City Council adopted Berkeley's first Electric Mobility Roadmap. The Roadmap identifies goals, strategies, and actions to create a fossil fuel-free transportation system that integrates with and supports the City’s ongoing efforts to increase walking, biking, and public transportation, and ensures equitable access to the benefits of clean transportation. The goals include:

  • Ensure Equity in Access to Electric Mobility
  • Improve Alternatives to Driving
  • Achieve Zero Net Carbon Emissions
  • Demonstrate City Leadership

Electric Vehicles

A plug-in electric vehicle (EV) operates partially or exclusively on electricity from an on-board battery and can be plugged in to recharge the battery. The City of Berkeley is working to make it easier to drive and charge an EV in our community, as EVs provide many benefits, including better air quality and reduced emissions.

Transitioning the automotive transportation sector to electricity, and continuing to clean the electrical supply with renewable sources such as solar energy, is an important component of achieving our community's ambitious Climate Action Plan goals, and improves air quality and health for all. Driving an EV eliminates tailpipe emissions and powering the car with 100% renewable electricity, available from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), our local energy supplier, also eliminate the associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Public Charging: Websites that map EV charging stations:

Find Specifications for EV Charging Readiness to install charging at home or for employee, customer, and public use.


Additional Resources for Income Qualified Drivers:
  • CA State Clean Vehicle Assistance Program: Statewide program provides grants and loans for purchase of new or used hybrid or plug-in vehicles, and free installation of home charging stations
  • Driving Clean Assistance Program: Regional program provides grants and loans for purchase of new or used hybrid or plug-in vehicles, and free installation of home charging stations
  • Clean Cars for All: Bay Area scrap and replace program for gas cars; provides grants for purchase or lease of a new or used hybrid or plug-in vehicle, eBike or transit pass, and rebates for home charging

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