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Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)
Office of Energy & Sustainable Development (OESD)

Electrical Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is gaining speed in Berkeley. A plug-in EV is a vehicle that can operate partially or exclusively on electricity from an on-board battery and can be plugged in to recharge the battery. EVs can provide many benefits for our community, including substantially less greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than conventional cars.

The City of Berkeley is working to make it easier to drive and charge an EV in our community. Transitioning the automotive transportation sector to electricity, and continuing to clean the electrical supply with renewable sources such as solar energy, is an important component of achieving our community's ambitious Climate Action Plan goals. Driving an EV in Berkeley eliminates tailpipe emissions and can reduce smog-forming emissions by over 40% while also reducing the GHG emissions by about 70%.

Home Charging - Most EV charging occurs at home, either with Level 1 (120 volt) or Level 2 (240 volt) charging. Resources for residents:

Non-Residential Charging - The City of Berkeley encourages businesses and other non-residential buildings to install charging stations for employee, customer, and public use:

Public Charging - The City of Berkeley provides charging for public use on municipal property and in parking garages and encourages businesses to do the same:

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