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In-Home Care Permits

hcapsymbolResidents or family members who live in any of the City’s Residential Preferential Parking Areas (RPP) who have disabilities, or medical conditions, requiring a care provider like an attendant, personal assistant, nursing aide, etc, may be eligible for In-Home Care Parking Permits. If you live in any of the 14 RPP Areas and you require services provided by assistant provider personnel, you may want to obtain an In-Home Care Permit.

What is an In-Home Care Permit?

In-home care permits allows your care provider to park in your Permit required neighborhood for more than the limited two-hours allowed. RPP zones are marked by signs that indicate the neighborhood parking permit areas are restricted to two-hour parking only, unless a residential parking permit is displayed on the vehicle. In-home care permits are dashboard permits and when displayed, allows your medical care provider to park more than two hours.

How do I obtain an In-Home Care Permit?

You will need to have your physician fill out the Medical Affidavit form indicating that you require in home care medical services. This statement is required to be submitted every odd year following your initial approval.

How do In-Home Care Permits differ from California Disability Placards issued by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles?


California Disabled Placards (DP) allow for parking at any time zone marked by green color curb markings, meters, blue zones, or disabled parking spaces. For more information about obtaining a DP placard from DMV please visit their web site at

In-Home Care Permits differs from DP placards in that it only allows for parking in your neighborhood RPP zones in Berkeley and not at parking meters, color time zones, or at designated areas.

What is the cost of In-Home Care Permits?  And how many can I purchase?

The cost of an In-Home Care Permit is $66.00 per year.  If you require 24-hour, in-home care services, you may purchase up to a maximum of 3 In-Home Care Permits.

Can I purchase an In-Home Care Permit by mail?

You can purchase your In-Home Care permits by mail by sending your: 1) Medical Affidavit form  2) completed Residential Preferential Parking Permit Application (.pdf); 3) proof of residency; 4) photo ID; and 5) check or money order, payable to City of Berkeley, to:

In-Home Care Permits
Customer Service
1947 Center Street
Berkeley, California 94704

Documents in .pdf format require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Download a free copy from Adobe's website: GetAdobeLogo 
If you are unable to access .pdf documents online, please contact Customer Service Center by email, phone (510) 981-7200, or TDD (510) 981-7250 so that we can provide an alternate format.  

View and print the Residential Preferential Parking Permit Application (.pdf).

Can my In-Home Care provider purchase my permits for me, at the Finance Customer Service Center?

Yes, your In-Home Care Provider can purchase the permits for you. They will need a note from you authorizing them to purchase the permit, along with a copy of your identification, the completed application, physician statement and payment.

When do In-Home Care Permits expire and how to I renew my permits?

All In-Home Care Permits expire at the same time RPP permits expire on June 30th. Permits are issued for a 12-month period from July 1st to the following June 30th. You will be sent a courtesy renewal form before your permit expires.

Can any In-Home Care Provider use my In-Home Care Permits?

In-Home Care Permits are not specific to a license plate number of a vehicle, so they can be shared or used by any In-Home Care Provider.

In - Home To find out more about In-Home Care Permits, please contact the Customer Service Center or call (510) 981-7200.

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