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Customer Service


Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the RPP Program?

The purpose is to protect neighborhoods from an influx of non-resident vehicles and preserve parking for neighborhood residents in the vicinity of their homes. The RPP permit exempts the vehicle from the two-hour parking time restriction imposed on non-residential vehicles in the specific area. Street sweeping restrictions still apply.  Vehicles without an active RPP permit are limited to two-hour parking in any RPP area, between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday in some areas.  The RPP program is currently in effect in sixteen (16) areas across the City of Berkeley.

2. When will my annual RPP permit and/or visitor permit expire?
Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 permits will expire on June 30, 2021. FY 2021-2022 permits expire June 30, 2022. In general, RPP permits and visitor permits are valid from July 1 through June 30.

3. How long will it take to receive my annual RPP permit after I apply?

Annual permits are digital, meaning that your license plate is your permit.  You will not receive a bumper decal or sticker in the mail.  The length of time for your permit to become active depends on the way you apply: 

  • Online:        Applications for new permits may take up to 5-7 business days for staff to review and/or approve.
  • In Person:   Applications for new permits are approved immediately with permit activation occurring when payment is applied.
  • Mail:            Expect up to 10-15 business days for staff to review and/or approve new applications.

 4How much does an Annual Residential Preferential Parking permit cost?
The cost is $66.00.  Pro-rated annual permits from January to June are $33.00.

 5. How many annual permits may I purchase at my address? 
A maximum of three (3) Annual Permits may be issued to a single address to help ensure that on-street parking is not used for long-term storage of cars.  In mixed-use RPP Zone P, a maximum of two (2) permits is available. Households in need of more than three Annual Permits may request a waiver of this limit, and if approved, each additional Annual Permit will incur a $100.00 surcharge in addition to the permit fee.  Waiver forms are available here.  Completed forms may be submitted along with all required documentation to rpp@cityofberkeley.info or mailed to the address on the form. 

 6I currently have a delinquent citation (i.e., unpaid for over 21 days). May I renew my annual RPP permit and/or purchase visitor permits online? 
You must pay delinquent citations before you are eligible to renew or purchase an annual RPP permit. You may pay your citations in one of the following ways:

City of Berkeley

PO Box 29

Berkeley, CA 94701  

 7I have not received a renewal notice.  Can you confirm the date and address for my renewal?
The renewal period for FY 2022 permits is May 1 to June 30, 2021.  Renewal notices are typically mailed by USPS to the address on file at least two months prior to the permit expiration date. This year, all permit holders will be sent a renewal update by mail providing instructions on how to renew online or by mail, or if necessary, to submit a new application to allow staff to re-verify Berkeley residency. If you did not receive a renewal notice for FY 2022 permits, you need to submit a new application. 

 8Can I purchase or renew my RPP by phone?
RPP permits cannot be purchased or renewed by phone. Applications for new permits are accepted online, by mail, or in person only.

9. The RPP area on my renewal is not correct.  Can I still renew online? 
No, permits should not be renewed online if any information is not correct.  You will need to apply for a new permit online or by mail for the correct address and area.

10. My vehicle is not registered in Berkeley.  Can I still apply for a permit?
According to Berkeley Municipal Code Section 14.72.090 (B), vehicles must be registered in Berkeley.  If the vehicle is not registered to the Berkeley address, applicants must complete a free online change of address process via the California DMV's website.  Applicants should save (or take a screenshot of) the confirmation page from this process, which will show the applicant's name, license plate, and new residence address.  Together, this confirmation page and a secondary proof of residency satisfy the registration requirement for new Berkeley residents.

11. My vehicle is in my parent's name (or any other different registered owner). What do I do?
If the registration is in another person's name, it can remain in their name, but the vehicle must be registered in Berkeley.  Applicants will need to provide a signed letter from the registered owner authorizing their use of the vehicle along with a copy of the registered owner's valid picture ID. 

12. My vehicle is registered in a state other than California.  Can I get a permit by proving I live in Berkeley?
At a minimum, an applicant's vehicle must be registered in California to a Berkeley address.  According to the California DMV, new residents are required to register their vehicles in California typically within a few weeks of residency.  Please refer to this DMV page for more information on registering your vehicle in California.  Once you have your new registration, feel free to submit an application with all required documentation for a permit.  In the meantime, you have the option to purchase up to twenty (20) 1-Day Visitor Passes online, in person, or by mail; or up to three (3) 14-Day Visitor Permits in person at the Customer Service Center.

13. If my permitted vehicle is totaled or if I buy a replacement for it during the year, do I need to obtain a new RPP permit?
No. If you already have a permit you may change the license plate to reflect your new vehicle.  Please email a copy of your photo ID and your new vehicle registration to RPP@cityofberkeley.info or cscounter@cityofberkeley.info to facilitate the change. All vehicles must be registered to a valid residential address within the City of Berkeley in order to receive an RPP permit. 

14. There is a new license plate on my vehicle.  Do I need to purchase a new RPP permit? 
No, please contact Customer Service at cscounter@cityofberkeley.info with your name, address, and updated license plate information and we will update the system to reflect your new license plate. 

 15. My permitted vehicle is in the repair shop and I have a loaner car.  What can I do?
Annual permits are license plate-based, so the City can accommodate short-term vehicle changes.  To make such a request, email cscounter@cityofberkeley.info or RPP@cityofberkeley.info and provide: 1) the license plate number of the vehicle that is being temporarily replaced; 2) the replacement vehicle license plate number, make and model; and 3) when to change the plate.  Please email the City again when you have your regular vehicle back.  Permit holders can expect an approximately 1-2 day turnaround for staff to make each change.

Vehicles may be replaced for up to four (4) weeks in total. The replacement must be for an existing permitted vehicle and is not intended for use by a guest, visitor or otherwise unpermitted vehicle.  Digital 1-Day Visitor Permits are available for sale online and 1-Day Visitor Hangtag Permits by mail.  See the Visitor Permits section for more information.

 16I just bought a new vehicle.  How do I apply for a permit if I don't have my permanent registration?
Customers who have recently purchased a vehicle are asked to provide sufficient documentation to allow City staff to verify custody of the vehicle and that registration in Berkeley is underway.  Temporary license plate numbers are accepted. 
Documentation should contain the applicant's name, their Berkeley address, and the vehicle's license plate number. This may include a Temporary Operating Permit/Registration, often issued alongside temporary license plates; purchase agreement from the dealership; and/or proof that the vehicle title has been transferred to the applicant with their Berkeley address legibly written on the title. Any new vehicle purchase documents must be verified and processed via the DMV prior to submitting them to the City. Customers are asked to email cscounter@cityofberkeley.info or RPP@cityofberkeley.info once they receive their permanent license plates

 17. What should I do if I move from one RPP area to another?

Residents must purchase a new RPP permit if they move from one RPP area to another.
18. Are Visitor Permits valid throughout the City? 
Visitor permits are valid only for the RPP area for which they are purchased. As with annual RPP permits, visitor permits do not allow parking at parking meters, colored curbs or tow-away zones, during street sweeping times, or in other RPP time limited zones other than the one purchased. See the
 Visitor Permits section for more information.
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