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City Council District 2
City Council District 2

2018 D2 City Council Items - Submitted & Co-Sponsor*

Progress Toward Our Goals
Listed below are the Council items put forth by and co-sponsored (*) by District 2's Councilmember.

December 11th 
Restricting the Sale of Flavored Tobacco: Short-term referral to City Attorney and Health Housing and Community Service to amend Berkeley Municipal Code 7,441-N.S. to expand the control of flavored tobacco across the Berkeley toward preventing youth and young adult tobacco use. Passed

African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council: Relinquishment of funds for or their great work reducing youth tobacco use, particularly among African American youth, in Berkeley. Passed

Short-Term Referral to the Planning Commission and Design Review Committee to Research and Draft an Urban Forestry Ordinance Requiring Tree Planting Upon Completion of New Residential Construction and Certain Alterations. Passed

Establishment of Traffic Circle Policy Task Force: Establish a Traffic Circle Policy Task Force comprised of representatives of the Parks and Waterfront Commission, Transportation Commission, community representatives from the neighborhoods where traffic circles are located.* Passed

Referral to City Manager to establish Recreational Vehicle Waste Discharge Facility on City Property and Referral to FY 2020/21 Budget Process: Refer to the City Manager to establish a recreational vehicle waste discharge facility on City property and equitable administrative fee program.* Passed

Sponsored Eighth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration*

November 27th
Resolution and letter of request to PG&E to offer rebates and other incentives for residential customers to a transition from gas to electrical appliances and heating systems, as well as, subsidies for electrical upgrades required. Passed.

Gun Buyback and Art of Peace Program: Budget Referral to the FY19 (2018/2019) November 2018 AAO Budget Proces encourage s to set aside $60,000 to frontload funds to bring the Robby Poblete Foundation Gun Buyback, Art of Peace and Work in Progress programs to Berkeley. Passed.

Bay Area Migrant Welcome Committee:   City of Berkeley welcome and relinquishment of funds to accompany these migrant asylum seekers to the US and specifically to the Bay Area, funds designated for Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. Passed

Amending Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 7.52, Reducing Tax Imposed for Qualifying Electrification, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Retrofits: Short-Term Referral to City Manager and Office of Energy and Sustainable Development to Draft Ordinance.* Passed.

Pledge to Actively Support Diversity Recruitment for the City's Boards and Commissions:
Recommend that the Council pledges to actively support diversity recruitment by creating their own plan-of-action to increase diversity in the City's Boards and Commissions. This pledge aims to transform the Boards and Commissions to achieve full representation of Asian, Latino, Black, and indigenous individuals relative to the Berkeley population.* Passed.

Refer the City Manager to Improve the Current Tree Ordinance and Seek Funding Opportunities to Plant More Trees in the City: Recommend that the Council refer the City Manager to improve the current tree ordinance to protect more trees, develop policy on street tree/hardscape conflicts, encourage more community initiative and participation in the maintenance and care of our street trees and seek potential funding opportunities to plant more trees in Berkeley.*Passed.

Referral for City Manager to Take a Fresh Look at Repurposing the Old City Hall Building: Short-term referral to the City Manager to consider further utilizing the currently mostly unused Old City Hall for nonprofits including Berkeley Community Media for classes, and potentially a temporary emergency winter shelter.* Passed.

Recommendation that the Council approve a letter of support to stop the deportation of the Benavides-Pineda family, who are an integral part of the Berkeley community.* Passed.

Sponsored Options Recovery Services:*

November 13th
RFP to Address Gaps for Marginalized Youth in Berkeley: Budget Referral to the FY19 (2018/2019) November 2018 AAO Budget Process to set aside $50,000 to create a plan and pilot program to address the needs of marginalized youth and young adults in Berkeley. Passed.

Short-Term Referral to City Manager to Complete Steps Necessary to Establish Lava Mae Services in Berkeley: To provide permits, identify locations and allow access to water and disposal hook-ups necessary to bring Lava Mae shower services to Berkeley's homeless populations within 90 days for a 6-8 week pilot. Passed.

Budget Referral -  Increasing Safety at San Pablo Park: Refer to the FY19 (2018/2019) November 2018 AAO Budget Process for the following four items to improve safety at San Pablo Park in light of recent shootings and traffic incidents: 1. Conduct a traffic safety assessment of the streets surrounding San Pablo Park; 2. Extend the hours that the Frances Albrier Community Center is open; 3. Re-initiate classes for daycare providers who use San Pablo Park out of the  Albrier Community Center; 4. Develop, implement and coordinate drills for active shooter and other emergency protocol at San Pablo Park. Passed.

Resolution in Support of the Berkeley Unified School District Sustainability Plan: Adopt a Resolution in support of the Berkeley Unified School District Sustainability Plan and urge BUSD to adopt the Plan at the November 14th School Board meeting.* Passed.

Address the Disabled and Senior Communities About IHSS Paycheck Delays by Sending Letters to IHSS and Copies to Senator Nancy Skinner and Assemblymember Buffy Wicks.* Passed.

October 30th
Resolution in Opposition to Local Pesticide Preemption: Adopt a Resolution opposing the local pesticide preemption clause in the upcoming federal Farm Bill and send it to Senators Feinstein and Harris.* Passed.

Referring to City Manager to Draft an Ordinance Amending Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 12.92: Specify the Time Period after which Buildings Containing Vacant Commercial Units Meet a Condition of Unlawful Nuisance.* Passed.

Referral to the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Product Panel of Experts: Draft ballot language to double the general tax on the distribution of sugar-sweetened beverage products and also include artificially-sweetened beverage products under the general tax.* Passed.

Referral to City Manager to look into establishing a Berkeley Fair Chance Ordinance: Banning the Box in Housing and Renting to Mitigate Discrimination Against Formerly Incarcerated People.* Passed.

October 16th
Consider ways of videotaping the Planning Commission meetings in the same manner as Zoning Adjustment Board meetings: Referral to City Manager. * Passed.

October 2nd
Sponsored Berkeley Holiday Fund*

Extend time period to impose discipline on Berkeley Police Department officers pursuant to Police Review Commission findings: Referral the Police Review Commission.* Passed.

Create training requirements for Police Review Commissioners: Referral the Police Review Commission.* Passed.

September 25th
City of Berkeley Policy Limiting the Publishing of Arrest Photos (doxing) of people arrested by the Berkeley Police Department.Passed.

Adopt a Proclamation in support of the Alcatraz Canoe Journey scheduled for summer 2019 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Indigenous Occupation of Alcatraz: Require the City of Berkeley to undertake planning with the Alcatraz Canoe Journey committee in the year leading up to the canoe journey. Passed.

Sponsored Community-Based Disaster Preparedness Fair

Examine the impacts that the parking citation system may have on persons with low income and disabilities: Refer to the Commission on Disability.* Passed.

Supporting State Proposition 1, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act, and Proposition 2, the No Place Like Home Act: Adopt a Resolution.* Passed.

Establish a city/community task force to: a) Evaluate the City's current traffic circle vegetation policy and b) Conduct a community led process to update that policy to ensure pedestrian/bicycle/ vehicle safety and preserve community efforts to beautify traffic circles: Refer to Parks and Waterfront Commission and the Transportation Commission.* Passed.

September 13th
Rectify Discrepancy Regarding Inclusionary Units in Live/Work Housing: Refer amendments to the Berkeley Municipal code (Sections 23C.12 and 23E.20.080) to rectify discrepancies over how Live/Work Unit inclusionary requirements are governed, both for rental and owner occupied units, to the Planning Commission.* Passed.

Support of Appropriate City Enforcement Measures to Mitigate Damages Resulting from the Removal of Trees at 1698 University Avenue: Adopt a resolution.* Passed.

Resolution Establishing Green Monday: Refer to the City Manager to implement the program in coordination with Green Monday US, which would have two primary components: City-owned and operated institutions serving plant-based foods on Mondays (or another day) and educating residents on the impacts of their food choices on climate change and the environment.* Passed.

July 31st 
Placing a Charter Amendment relating to the Police Review Commission on the November 6, 2018 Ballot: 1. Adopt a Resolution submitting a measure on the November 6, 2018 general municipal ballot to amend the City Charter to add Article XVIII, relating to the Police Review Commission, to establish an Independent Police Auditor. 2. Designate, by motion, specific members of the Council to file ballot measure arguments on this measure as provided for in Elections Code Section 9282.* No action taken.

Direction to the City Manager Regarding the Community Service In Lieu of Parking Penalties Program: Direct the City Manager to amend the eligibility requirements of the Community Service In Lieu of Parking Penalties Program in order to allow all indigent individuals to be eligible to participate in the program (regardless of the registration status of a potential participant's vehicle).* Passed.

Ordinance Allowing Currently Permitted Non-Cannabis Nurseries in Specified Areas to Become Commercial Cannabis Retail Nurseries: Refer to City Manager and Attorney to developed adopted ordinance amending nursery zoning policies to allow medical and/or adult-use cannabis cultivation in the area bounded by University Avenue, San Pablo Avenue, Dwight Way, and Sixth Street specifically for currently permitted nursery-only cultivation sites, subject to compliance with state regulations. If policy needs to be considered by the Planning Commission then send the item to the Commission; if it does not need to be considered by the Planning Commission, bring the item back to Council in September or October 2018 as appropriate.* Passed.

July 24th
Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) at the crosswalk at San Pablo and Addison Street: Refer to the budget process an allocation. Passed.

Supported Caracen for City of Berkeley contributions to relief in response to a series of eruptions of volcanoes in Guatemala.

City-Sponsored Emergency Preparedness Training and Emergency Preparedness Program:  1. Direct the City Manager to adopt an ordinance requiring that all City of Berkeley employees, Councilmembers, the Mayor and their respective staff complete the following City sponsored Emergency Preparedness training courses: Disaster Preparedness/Disaster Service Worker, Area Safety Monitor, Council and staff receive additional CPR/AED/First Aid Training. Courses will be offered by the City of Berkeley Fire Department in conjunction with Public Works and Human Resources. 2. Budget Referral for the Emergency Preparedness Program and the Emergency Planning Coordinator position to oversee program. Passed.

Specify the Time Period after which Vacant Residential Buildings Meet a Condition of Unlawful Nuisance: Amending Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 12.92.* Passed.

Support of the Chinese American World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Act: Adopt a Resolution supporting H.R. 2358/S. 1050 - The Chinese American World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal Act. Send a copy of the Resolution to Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris and Congresswoman Barbara Lee.* Passed.

Supported Plaque Honoring William Byron Rumford.*

Support SB 54 (Sanctuary State), AB 103 (Detention Facility Review), and AB 450 (Anti Workplace Immigration Raids),opposing the United States vs. California: Adopt a resolution in support of the lawsuit against those laws by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and requesting that the City Attorney to join the amicus brief in favor the law.* Passed.

Support the Keep Families Together Act (S.3036):  Prohibiting the separation of a child who is under the age of 18 and has no permanent immigration status from their parent or guardian near the border or port of entry into the U.S.* Passed.

July 10th
Sponsored Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS).*

Sponsored Women's Daytime Drop-In Center.*

Rename the Ashby BART Station the Mable Howard BART Station: Send a letter to the Board of Directors of BART.* Passed.

Sponsored Black Repertory Group Theater.*

Help Ensure Low Income Survivors Receive Long-Term Recovery, Restoration of Infrastructure and Housing, Economic Revitalization: Support Disaster Recovery Bills H.R.4557 & 5474 and S.2996 & 2880 and Send Letters To Congress* Passed.

 June 26th
 Sponsored Consider the Homeless.

Creation of a "Vehicle Dweller Park" in Berkeley: Direct the City Manager to develop a "vehicle dweller park", similar to an RV park, for people living in their vehicles to stay without fear of harassment, displacement, fines or confiscation of their vehicles and with sanitation and social service support. Mayor to lead an informal task force to work with staff on finding a location for vehicle dweller parking.

June 12th
Fossil Fuel Free Berkeley: Refer to the Energy Commission and Transportation Commission the proposed resolution to further implementation of the Climate Action Plan and establish the goal of becoming a Fossil Fuel Free Berkeley: - Establish a date by which we are committed to being a Fossil Fuel Free City. Passed.

Declaration of Climate Emergency: Adopt a Resolution endorsing the declaration of a Climate Emergency and partner with institutions, organizations, community groups, businesses, neighboring city and county governments to plan and organize a regional Climate Emergency Town Hall.* Passed and established Climate Emergency Adhoc Sub-Committee.

May 29th  
Sponsored BOSS 2018 5th Annual Rising Stars Gala.

Supporting Community Requests for Audit of Alameda County Sheriff's Office Budget: Adopt a Resolution supporting activist and community groups' requests for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to audit the Alameda County Sheriff's Office budget in the interest of transparency. Send a letter requesting the support of Alameda County Board of Supervisor, Keith Carson. Passed.

Sponsored Middle East Children's Alliance 30th Anniversary Celebration & Tribute to Co- founder Barbara Lubin.

May 15th
Tracking of Short Term (90-day) and Other Date-Certain Council Referrals: Direct the City Manager to: 1. Compile and publish a Chart of all Council Short-Term (90-day) and Date-Certain items that have been referred by the City Council. 2. Include an updated Chart of Short-Term and Date- Certain Referrals as an Information item on the Agenda for the last Regular Meeting of each month. 3. Publish the first Chart of Short-Term and Date-Certain Referrals at or before the final Regular City Council Meeting of June 2018.* Passed.

Adopt a Resolution in support of S.2095 (Feinstein) Assault Weapons Ban of 2017, H.R.5077 (Wilson) Assault Weapons Bans of 2018, H.R.5087 (Cicilline) Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, and S.1945 (Menendez) Keep Americans Safe Act: Direct City Clerk to send copies of the adopted resolution to the authors of the bills, President Trump, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Governor Jerry Brown, State Senator Nancy Skinner, and State Assemblymember Tony Thurmond.* Passed.

Support H.R.5308 (Lee) Women's History and Nineteenth Amendment Centennial Quarter Dollar Coin Program Act: Write a letter of support for H.R. 5308 to its sponsor, U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Lee [D-CA-13], and cc the bill's co-sponsor, Bruce Poliquin [R-ME-2], and Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein.* Passed.

May 1st
Cities Open Internet Pledge for Net Neutrality: 1. Sign on to the Cities Open Internet Pledge. 2. Refer to the City Manager to look into ways to implement the points raised the Pledge and ensure the City of Berkeley is a Net Neutrality city.* Passed.

Support of the Assembly Bill 931 co-authored by Assembly members Shirley Weber and Kevin McCarty that aims to make significant changes to how law enforcement officers employ lethal force against community members: Adopt a Resolution that recognizes and demonstrates our full support.* Passed.

Support of the California State Senate Bill 1421 authored by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, that aims to create transparency in law enforcement, increasing trust between police and the communities they serve: Adopt a Resolution that recognizes and demonstrates our full support.* Passed.

Sponsored Our Family Coalitions 2018 Annual Night Out Event.*

Draft Ordinance Prohibiting the Award of City Contracts to Vendors Acting as Data Brokers or Providing Extreme Vetting Services to ICE, as well as Prohibiting City Investment in Such Companies: Referral to the Peace & Justice Commission to consider the draft ordinance attached to the report.* Passed.

April 24th
Referral to the Commission on Aging to draft a letter to the Commission on Judicial Performance in support of the Probate Court Reform Movement's: Demand that the Commission on Judicial Performance 1) Investigate the predatory climate of the Probate Court, 2) Conduct an audit to assess the impact of Probate Court decisions on African-American and minority families compared to Caucasian families, and 3) If malfeasance is discovered, demand restitution to families that have been harmed. Passed.

Sponsor Women's Daytime Drop-In Center

Sponsor Seventh Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.*

Removing Plastic Microfibers From The Water Supply: A Referral to the Community Environmental Advisory Commission* Passed.

Opposing SB 827 (Wiener, Skinner, Ting): Transit-Rich Housing Bonus* Passed.

Support of AB2370 (Holden): Relating to Lead Exposure in Drinking Water of Child Day Care Facilities.* Passed.

Support of SB 1041 (Leyva): Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention* Passed.

March 27th
Surveillance Technology Use and Community Safety: Proposed Ordinance adding BMC Chapter 2.99.* Passed.

Sponsored 5th Annual Rising Stars Youth Leadership Gala.*

Support for AB 2079: The Janitor Survivor Empowerment Act.* Passed.

March 13th
Supporting FairVote California's Proposed Changes to Ranked Choice Voting Reporting: Send a Letter to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters asking them to implement FairVote California's proposal to process the redistribution of votes in ranked choice elections until only two candidates remain.* Passed.

Support for H.R. 4779, the Restricting Excessive Federal Enforcement and Regulations of Cannabis (REFER) Act of 2018: Adopt a Resolution of support for (REFER) Act of 2018 introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Send a copy of the resolution to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.* Passed.

Support for the Marijuana Justice Act of 2018, the comprehensive marijuana reform legislation that has been introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee: Adopt a Resolution and send a copy of the resolution to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.* Passed.

Support for H.Con.Res.74 of 2017, a resolution that has been introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee: Adopt a Resolution and send a copy of the resolution to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.* Passed.

Cost Estimate and Plan for Installation of Sculpture Lighting into Adjacent Street Lights for the William Byron Rumford Statue on Sacramento and Julia St: Referral to the Arts Commission and the City Manager.* Passed.

Surveillance Technology Use and Community Safety: Proposed Ordinance.* Passed.

February 27th
Sponsored LifeLong Medical Care 2018 Gala.

Sponsored Berkeley Youth Alternatives' 14th Annual Crab Feed Fundraiser.

Support Assembly Bill 403: Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act.* Passed.

Request Alameda County DA to drop the charges against AFSCME worker David Cole: Send letter.* Passed.

January 30th
Endorsement of the 2018 Affordable Housing Act State Ballot Initiative: That the Council encourages citizens to sign the 2018 Affordable Housing Act State ballot initiative and that the City of Berkeley endorses the Act.* Passed.

January 23rd
Replace Berkeley City Limit Signs to Read: "Welcome to Berkeley", "LOVE LIFE!", "Sanctuary City" and "Ohlone Territory". Passed - refer the item to the Transportation Commission and request that the Commission's recommendation appear on the Council agenda no later than six months.

Open the West Campus Pool All Year Round and Start the Shower Program at the West Campus Pool: Short Term Referral to City Manager. Passed.

Amend the Council Rules and Procedures to Address the Unintended Consequences Regarding the Operations of Ad-Hoc Committees: Adopt a Resolution revising the City Council Rules of Procedure and Order regarding subcommittees to ensure the following changes: 1. The Ad-hoc Committee meetings must be open to public. 2. The public will be permitted to comment on agenda items but public comments may be limited to one minute if deemed necessary by the Committee Chair. 3. Agenda and the minutes of the meeting must be maintained and made available upon request.* Passed.

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