Berkeley Rental News (editions prior to January 2002)

The newsletter of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board.  Index of issues of the Berkeley Rental News from January 1999 through September 2001.

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Current Newsletter editions (January 2002 and later)

September 2001 Newsletter (PDF file)     En Español

What Is Rent Control?
When Can A Landlord Raise The Rent?
What Is A Security Deposit For?
Check Out The Rent Board's New Security Deposit Video Project!
Safety Tips For Tenants And Landlords
Get Ready For The Rainy Season!
What Happens If A Tenant's Apartment Needs Repair Work?
2002 AGA Hearings
Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) Section 8 Voucher Wait List Opening
New Median Rent Levels For 2001
How To Sell Or Acquire A Building Without Displacing Current Tenants

April 2001 Newsletter (PDF file)

Energy Conservation Tips
Financial Assistance for Utility Costs Available for Renters
City Council Set 20% Conservation Goal for Renters and Owners
What Tenants Need to Know if Their Building is Being Sold
Replacing a Roommate
State Law Requires Prompt Accounting and Return of Security Deposits
The Expiration of a Lease is not a Good Cause for Eviction
TENANT ALERT!  You Don't Have to Agree to a Change in Your Lease
Pro-Rated Registration Fees
Filing a Petition if You are Entitled to a Rent Decrease
Earthquake Hazard Hunt: 14 Easy Steps That Could Save Your Life
Protecting Your Family From Lead Paint Hazards

January 2001 Newsletter (PDF file)

New Rules for Owner/Relative Move-In Evictions
Measure Y Passes
Security Deposit Interest Must Be Returned to Tenants by January 10th
2001 Annual General Adjustment (AGA)
60 Days Written Notice Required for Some Rent Increases
Transfer of Ellis Ordinance Administration
State and Local Require Effective Waterproofing and Weather Protection

April 2000 Newsletter (PDF file)

Limitations on Owner Occupancy Evictions
Notice of Apparent Lawful Rent Ceiling Are in the Mail
Security Deposits Must be Returned
April is Earthquake Preparedness Month
Why Does It Take So Long to Get a Hearing Examiner Decision
Echo/Project Share

January 2000 Newsletter (PDF file)

Rental Units Must Be Safe and Habitable
City Council Considers Requiring Carbon Monoxide Detectors
2000 Annual General Adjustment
New Regulations
New Amendments to Vacancy Decontrol Law
Security Deposit Interest Must Be Refunded
New on the Internet

September 1999 Newsletter (PDF file)

Frequently Asked Questions About Rent Control
Replacing Roommates
New Regulations re Security Deposit Rules:  Roommates and Refunds
Market Rents Report
Preventing Homelessness in Berkeley

April 1999 Newsletter (HTML version)

Security Deposits Must Be Returned to Tenants
Housing Code Enforcement Promotes Safe and Habitable Housing
Get the Lead Out
A Word of Advice: Protect yourself whenever you enter into an oral agreement
Preventing Homelessness in Berkeley

January 1999 Newsletter (HTML version)

Berkeley Law Blocks Unfair Evictions
Annual Payment of Interest on Security Deposits
1999 Annual General Adjustment
Adjusting to Vacancy Decontrol
Preventing Homelessness in Berkeley
Ask the Rent Board

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