This meeting is held in a wheelchair accessible location. 
PDF of Entire Agenda Packet 
March 19, 2014                                                                                  North Berkeley Senior Center
7:00 PM                                                                                          1901 Hearst Ave. / MLK Jr. Way


All written materials identified on this agenda are available on the Planning Commission webpage:


  1.  Roll Call

  2.  Order of Agenda:  The Commission may rearrange the agenda or place additional
         agendized items on the Consent Calendar.

  3.  Public Comment:  Comments on subjects not included on the agenda. Speakers
         may comment on agenda items when the Commission hears those items.  See
        “Public Testimony Guidelines” below.

  4.  Planning Staff Report:  In addition to the items below, additional matters may be
         reported at the meeting.

  5.  Chairperson’s Report:  Report by Planning Commission Chair.

  6.  Committee Reports:  Reports by Commission committees or liaisons. In addition to
         the items below, additional matters may be reported at the meeting.

  7.  Approval of Minutes:  Approval of Draft Minutes of March 5, 2014.

  8.  CONSENT CALENDAR ITEMS:  See “Consent Calendar Guidelines” below:  None.

AGENDA ITEMS:  All agenda items are for discussion and possible action. Public Hearing items require hearing prior to Commission action.

  9.  Public Hearing:                        Local Hazard MitigationPlan (LHMP)                            
       Recommendation/Action:      Hold a Public Hearing and recommend LHMP and GP
                                                           Amendment to Council. 
       Written Materials:                    Attached. 
       Web Information:                     None. 
       Continued From:                     None.

10. Discussion/Action:                 Minimum Distance Between Drug Stores 
      Recommendation/Action:      Hold a Public Hearing and recommend zoning 
                                                        language to Council. 
      Written Materials:                    Attached. 
      Web Information:                     None. 
      Continued From:                     None.

ADDITIONAL AGENDA ITEMS:  In compliance with Brown Act regulations, no action may be taken on these items.  However, discussion may occur at this meeting upon Commissioner request.

Information Items:  None.


• Peter Eakland, UCB-ITS-VWP-2011-5 Walking Distance to Transit
• Alan Tobey, Pharmacy Distance Definition – Oppose
• Chris Gilbert, Drug Store Ban
• Craig Becker, Proposed Ordinance Banning Anchor Sized Pharmacies
• Dayna Davis, Public Hearing Speaking Request (No Walgreens)
• Joe DiStefano, Proposed Pharmacy Ordinance
• Ignacio Dayrit, Public Hearing – Planning Commission Meeting Held to Pass the
     1000’ Ordinance
• Mark Delucchi, Public Hearing on Zoning Ordinance to Restrict the Location of
      Drug Stores
• Pamela Zelnik, Solano Walgreens Proposal
• Robert Piper, Proposed Development at Colusa and Solano
• Tim Frank, Restoring Solano Avenue
• Joel B. Altman, Proposed Drug Store Ordinance and Walgreens on Solano

        Late Communications (received after the packet deadline):

Accommodations Provided Upon Request:  To request a disability-related accommodation(s) to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the Disability Services Specialist at 981-6342(V), or 981-7075 (TDD), and/or the Commission Secretary at least three (3) business days before the meeting date.  Five (5) business days are needed to request a sign language or oral interpreter.

Note:  If you object to a project or to any City action or procedure relating to the project application, any lawsuit which you may later file may be limited to those issues raised by you or someone else in the public hearing on the project, or in written communication delivered at or prior to the public hearing.  The time limit within which to commence any lawsuit or legal challenge related to these applications is governed by Section 1094.6, of the Code of Civil Procedure, unless a shorter limitations period is specified by any other provision.  Under Section 1094.6, any lawsuit or legal challenge to any quasi adjudicative decision made by the City must be filed no later than the 90th day following the date on which such decision becomes final.  Any lawsuit or legal challenge, which is not filed within that 90 day period, will be barred.

Please refrain from wearing scented products to public meetings.