Immunization Levels in Child Care and Schools

Under the California Health and Safety Code Section 120325-75, students are required to provide proof of immunization for school and child care entry. Additionally, California Health and Safety Code Section 120375 and California Code of Regulation Section 6075 require all schools and child care facilities to assess and report annually the immunization status of their enrollees. If you are interested in knowing the current immunization rates of your child’s school, you can access this information through the California Department of Public Health webpage by clicking the link below:

Lower immunization rates means higher risk of vaccine-preventable illness.  All children entering transitional kindergarten after their 4th birthday should be fully immunized.

Residents of Berkeley who have private health insurance (i.e. Kaiser, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross Managed Care, etc.) should check with their child's regular healthcare provider to make sure that he/she is up to date on his/her childhood vaccinations.

For more information, you can visit the City of Berkeley Immunization Program or call (510) 981-5350.