Fighting Graffiti on Public Property

The City is responsible for graffiti on all public properties.

Since graffiti tends to grow and proliferate if it is allowed to go unchecked, City staff monitor major commercial corridors throughout the City. Residents are also very helpful in identifying graffiti in commercial and less-traveled areas.

Graffiti on public property is cleaned by Public Works crews, youth diverted from the juvenile justice system, and private contractors, including the California Conservation Corps.

The City is also involved in a mural-painting project in areas that have been hit repeatedly by graffiti. UC students and younger Berkeley residents have been working together to design and paint murals at Live Oak Park and at the Berkeley Youth Alternative building on Bonar St.

The City will continue this innovative partnership with the UC Berkeley art students and local youth to identify several other potential mural locations over the next year.  For more information, call 981-CITY.