1250. Compliance Hearings

(A) If there is a continuing dispute among any of the parties (or any successor in interest) as to whether there has been compliance with a previously issued decision, the hearings unit may notice and conduct a hearing to determine whether compliance has in fact occurred, and may issue an appropriate decision which sets forth the extent of compliance, the date of such compliance, and any adjustments to the original decision which are necessary in light of such compliance.

(B) The party or parties (and any successor in interest) who were originally ordered to make repairs, pay back rent, properly register the parcel, or otherwise comply with an order of the Board, shall be required to demonstrate compliance by a preponderance of the evidence submitted at the compliance hearing.

(C) Any party to the original proceeding, and any successor in interest, may request that a compliance hearing be noticed and held. Such request shall set forth the area of disagreement, and a copy of the request must be served upon all adverse parties (and any successor in interest of any adverse party) by the party requesting the hearing.

(D) There shall be no fee for compliance hearings, and the procedures set forth in Subchapter B (beginning with Regulation 1221) shall apply to compliance hearings.

[Effective November 18, 1985]