Residential On-Street Blue Zones 

Upon completion of an application, the City of Berkeley may provide blue zone parking in residential areas for residents possessing a valid disabled parking placard or plate.  The resident must own or have control of a vehicle, and the vehicle must be located at the resident's home full time.  In addition, the applicant must state why they are unable to use their own driveway or other available parking in the neighborhood.

The submittal of a completed application is no guarantee that a request for a blue zone will be granted.  Since the installation of a blue zone is not intended for the sole use of the resident, it may be used by anyone with a valid placard or plate, and therefore must also be safe for all potential drivers as determined by the City of Berkeley.

To request an application, please call 510-981-7010 to request the application by mail, or click here for a copy of the application form.