Free Parking at City Garages for Registered Disabled Parking Placards and License Plates.

Register your Disabled Parking placard or license plate to streamline your parking experience at City-Owned Parking Garages.

Berkeley, California (Monday, April 29, 2013) - The City of Berkeley invites all of our parking patrons with valid Disabled Parking (DP) placards to register in a new “Free DP Card-Key Program” at all City Garages. By registering your DP placard or license plate and receiving a new Key Card, you can park free in the City garages, spend less time in the garage, and more time at your desired destinations. You are not required to register, however, hourly garage rates will apply to all DP placard and license plate holders who do not register for the free parking program.

How It Works

•     To Qualify for the free parking program you must register your valid DP Placard or vehicle DP License Plate with the City’s garage management company, LAZ Parking.

•     To Register - you’ll need COPIES of the following documents: 

    1. State-issued DP Placard
    2. DP placard registration card
    3. A valid, state-issued photo I.D.
    4. DMV vehicle registration (for applicant, caregiver, etc.)

Please make an appointment to register your Placard with LAZ Parking at (510) 843-1788 or

All valid documentation must be received to issue a card key.

Limit: One access card key per placard household.

Cost: $15 one-time, non-refundable activation fee. We accept cash, check, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only).

For more information about off-street parking, visit our website here