Landlord "Reference Kit"


Many of the links below lead to PDF files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.  You can download Acrobat Reader for free. 

Security Deposit Information

Security Deposit Interest
Information & Calculators

Security Deposits
(Guide to Rent Control)

Regulations 701-706
(security deposits)

Notice of Right to Walk-through Inspection (vacating tenants)

Itemized Statement After Initial Walk-Through

Suggestions for Recovering Your Security Deposit
(includes form letter links)
This item is primarily for tenants,
but contains information landlords
may find useful

Other Helpful Information

California Department of Consumer Affairs
Landlord/Tenant Publications

Landlord's Rights
and Responsibilities

Thinking about buying a rental property in Berkeley?
Information for new or prospective rental property owners

Laws and Regulations

CA State Law
Lease Requirements

Rent Information Forms (Information for Payment of Rent and Information for Services of Process, Notice and Demand)

Rent Board Workshops and Seminars

Eviction Information

Owner/Family Move-in

Frequently asked questions by Landlords

Rent Board Mailbag
E-mail questions and Answers

Guide to Rent Control

Berkeley Rental News
(newsletter of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board)

Annual General Adjustments

Local Organizations
Assisting Landlords

Have you got a vacant unit?
Check the Berkeley Housing Authority
Business License Information
(City of Berkeley Finance Dept)