2020 Vision News


For East Bay students, a visit from spirit of college Futures, UC Berkeley News Center, 4 March 2013

Berkeley’s First College & Career Day, The Post News Group, 6 March, 2013


2020 Vision Symposium Highlights Progress in Berkeley, Berkeleyside, 15 October 2012
Pamela Harrison-Small to Lead Berkeley Alliance, Berkeley Times, 9 August 2012 (print only)
Berkeley Schools’ Attendance Investment Pays Off, The San Francisco Chronicle, 29 May 2012
Using 2020 Vision to Help Berkeley’s Children, Berkeleyside, 8 Mar 2012
Q&A with Sup. Bill Huyett, 
Berkeley Times, 9 Feb 2012 (print only)

School Board Plans to Improve Student Performance and Close Achievement Gap, Berkeley Patch.com, 15 Nov 2011
  2020 Design Team Keying on Three Indicators, 
Berkeley Times, 27 Oct 2011 (print only)
District Awaits Results as 2020 Vision Plan Enters Early Stages, The Daily Californian, 12 Oct 2011
Translator Position Aims to Bridge Racial Achievement Gap, The Daily Californian, 22 Sep 2011
Keeping Our Young Alive and Free!, BOCA News, 21 Sep 2011
Berkeley Has Best Success with Black Students in U.S., TheGrio.com, 20 Sep 2011
Graduation Rate in Berkeley Surpasses County, State Average, Berkeley Patch.com, 15 Sep 2011
New Programs Set Sights on Closing Racial Achievement Gap, The Daily Californian, 12 Sep 2011
City Officials Examine Preschool Funding Options, The Daily Californian, 15 Jun 2011

New Position to Address Equity Gap, Berkeley High Jacket, 4 Oct 2010
2020 Vision Plan Works to Help Before Students Enter Schools, Berkeley High Jacket, 28 Apr 2010
2020 Vision to Close Berkeley’s Achievement Gap Unveiled at Special City Council Session,Examiner.com, 26 Mar 2010
Youth Organizations become Involved with 2020 Vision Plan, Berkeley High Jacket, 12 Mar 2010
Issues Confronting Berkeley High School, BUSD and California, Berkeley High Jacket, 12 Mar 2010
Berkeley Drops Everything to Read, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 5 Mar 2010
Why the Bad Teacher Narrative Does Not Help Our Students, but Fixing Our Budget Process Will, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 3 Mar 2010
All in This Together: JYCA Addresses the Achievement Gap, Jewish Youth for Community Action blog, 25 Feb 2010
Equity Drives Science Lab Decision in Berkeley, The San Francisco Chronicle, 19 Feb 2010

Nicole Sanchez Leads 2020 Vision of Academic Success for All Berkeley Kids, Examiner.com, 2 Feb 2010
Thinking About Equity, Berkeley High Jacket, 22 Jan 2010

Update on BUSD 2020 Vision Plan, Berkeley High Jacket, 6 Dec 2009
Will Berkeley Lead or Lag?, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 12 Nov 2009
2020 Vision Looks Beyond Just Improving Schools, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 5 Nov 2009
Berkeley High Forms Equity Group to Address Racism, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 22 Oct 2009
School Board Weighs Secondary Redesign, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 3 Sep 2009
School Board Approves Funds for Berkeley Alliance to Develop 2020 Vision, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 29 Jan 2009
2020 Vision to Launch Citywide Equity Task Force This Week, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 28 Jan 2009

Berkeley High School Deserves the Best, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 17 Dec 2008
Peeling the Academic Achievement Onion, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 3 Jul 2008
BUSD Aims for Education Equity with ’2020 Vision,’ The Berkeley Daily Planet, 19 Jun 2008
Commentary: The 20/20 Vision: How Good Is Our Garden?, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 18 Mar 2008

A 2020 Vision for Berkeley Education, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 11 Dec 2007