2020 Vision Data & Results

On September 8, 2010, within the context of the 2020 Vision pipeline of services, the Design Team formally selected eight indicators to measure progress toward closing the achievement gap, to quantify results, and to guide the construction of priority program areas.

  1. KINDERGARTEN READINESS. Number/Percent of entering kindergarteners identified as 'ready to learn', as measured by BUSD Kindergarten Universal Screening Tool.
  2. READING PROFICIENCY BY THE 3RD GRADE. Number/Percent of 3rd graders identified as 'reading at or above grade level' as measured by BUSD Reading Assessments.
  3. SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF 9TH GRADE MATH STANDARDS. Number/Percent of students who have successfully completed Algebra or Interactive Math 2 by the end of 9th grade as measured by grades and standardized tests.
  4. COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS. Number/Percent of students who have successfully completed by 12th grade coursework (“A-G” requirements) that make them eligible for California State University/University of California admissions.
  5. ATTENDANCE. Number/Percent of K-12 students who have missed more than 10% of the school year (18 days).
  6. DISPROPORTIONALITY IN SUSPENSIONS:   Number/Percent of K-12 students involved in school suspensions.
  7. DISPROPORTIONALITY IN POLICE CONTACTS:  Number/Percent of youth involved in police contacts.
  8. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: Number/Percent of students in grades 6-12 (age 12-18) who report high levels of environmental supports and opportunities (“external assets”), which includes caring relationships, high expectations, and opportunities for meaningful participation as measured by the California Healthy Kids Survey.


Data Reports:

2020 in Action:  Community Symposium Data Presentation (October 11, 2012)