Boards and Commission
administered by
the Department of Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

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Children, Youth, and Recreation Commission  (CYRC)
Reviews policies, programs, planning efforts, activities, and funding associated with recreation, youth, families, early childhood education, and other related City-sponsored activities, and advises the City Council on these matters.
Parks and Waterfront Commission
Mission:  Reviews and advises the City Council on the policies, projects, planning efforts, activities, funding, and the physical condition of parks, pools, camps, recreation centers, the Marina, and public greenery.

Youth Commission
Mission: Identifies the needs of youth, reviews and recommends youth services and programs. Each council member appoints one member and the School Board appoints nine members for a total of eighteen. Terms are for one year with no member serving more than four consecutive terms. Desirable criteria: members must be residents of the city, between the ages of 12-25, and at least half must be junior or high school students.

Archived material:  The following two commissions are no longer active as of July 1, 2013: 
 Parks & Recreation Commission 
Mission:  Reviews policies and programs related to recreation, parks, camps, public greenery and open spaces.
 Waterfront Commission  
Mission:  Reviews plans, policies, programs, fees, and projects affecting the waterfront. Responsible for developing a master plan for waterfront public and private lands.