Regular Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2013
7:00 p.m.

Maudelle Shirek Building
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Council Chambers, Second Floor
Broadcast Live – KPFB – 89.3
(N. Berkeley) and BTV Cable Channel 33

Video Archive
(3 hrs, 45 mins)


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1. Roll call – 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Public Forum

4. Approval of December 17, 2012 Regular Meeting Minutes

5. Action Items 

a.   From Board Members, Executive Director and Committees

(1) Update, discussion and possible action regarding efforts to draft a proposed Smoke-Free Housing Ordinance in response to the January 31, 2012 City Council referral requesting the Community Health Commission and Rent Stabilization Board analyze a potential Smoke-Free Housing Ordinance in Berkeley. The Board will receive a report from City staff as well as an update from their Ad Hoc Committee on Smoke-Free Housing     

     A.  Report from Ad Hoc Committee on Smoke-Free Housing with Concurrent Recommendations by the Rent Board's Ad Hoc Committee on Smoke-Free Housing and the Community Health Commission's Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Sub-Committee 

     B.  Report on Tobacco Free Multi-Unit Housing from Kate Clayton, Chief, Health Promotion Section, Public Health Division 

     C.  Information items from Rent Board Commissioner Harr to the Ad Hoc Committee on Smoke-Free Housing 

     D.  Report from Rent Board Chair Lisa Stephens on Proposed Ordinance on Smoke-Free Housing  

(2) Discussion and possible action regarding Proposed BMC Chapter 13.79 – Automatically Renewing Leases (Executive Director)

(3) Proposal to approve staff recommendation on the following requests for waiver of late registration penalties (Executive Director)

Ministerial Waivers

Waiver No.      Property Address
4166                 1201 Masonic Avenue
4172                 2339 Ward Street
4177                 1613 – 6th Street
4181                 1400 – 67th Street
4183                 1244 Ashby Avenue 
4186                 1639 – 63rd Street 
4191                 3051 Dohr Street
4203                 3151 Eton Avenue
4205                 1820 Virginia Street
4210                 2433 Warring Street
4216                 1124 Dwight Way
4218                 2803 Parker Street
4224                 2409 Edwards Street
4226                 1211/1213 Curtis Street

6. Special Presentation by Rent Board Deputy Director Stephen Barton:  Rent Stabilization and the Berkeley Rental Housing Market 15 Years After Vacancy Decontrol

a. Update, discussion and possible action on report titled, “Rent Stabilization and the Berkeley Rental Housing Market 15 Years After Vacancy Decontrol” (Executive Director)

7.   Information and Announcements

Please Note:  The Board may move Information Items to the Action Calendar.

a. Reports from Board Members/Staff

(1)  Committee Assignments (Chair Stephens)

(2)  Updated report titled, “Vacancy Decontrol and Reinvestment in Berkeley Rental Housing” (Executive Director)

(3) Summary of 2012 State Laws for Tenants in Foreclosures by Tenants Together (Commissioner Harr)

(4) January 22, 2013 The Registry article by Jon Peterson titled, “Equity Residential Plans Historic Rehab in Downtown Berkeley Community”  (Executive Director)

(5) January 20, 2013 The Registry article by Sharon Simonson titled, “Brokerage:  2013 Pivotal Year for Bay Area Apartments”  (Executive Director)

(6) Flyer for the January 10, 2013 presentation by the Berkeley Community Health Commission on “Bugs, Rats, Mold & Abandoned Vehicles – How to Get Help from the City of Berkeley”  (Executive Director)

(7) Copy of January 22, 2013 Appeal of Zoning Adjustment Boards’s Approval of Acheson Commons Project (Use Permit No. 10-10000078)  (Executive Director)

(8) Flyer for the February 12, 2013 Summit Meeting on the Future of Housing in California (Executive Director)

b.   Updates and Announcements regarding Committee/Board Meetings

(1) Budget and Personnel 

(2) Outreach 

a.  December 21, 2012 agenda

b.  January 18th agenda

(3) IRA/AGA and Habitability

a.  November 19, 2012 minutes

(4) Eviction/Section 8/Foreclosure

(5) Safe & Sustainable Housing

(6) Waivers Committee

(7) Ad Hoc Committee on Smoke-Free Housing

a.  January 18th agenda

(8) 4 x 4 City Council/RSB Housing Committee

(9) Future Special Meetings

c.      Discussion of items for possible placement on future agenda

(1) Outreach to tenants on emergency supply cache program  (Townley)

(2) If/when to ask clients for the address of the property they are calling about when they contact the Public Information Unit

(3) The subject of the possible modification to the Berkeley Municipal Code regarding mold that is going before Council soon  (Soto-Vigil)

(4) To add an update, discussion and possible action on the subject of efforts to draft a proposed Smoke-Free Housing Ordinance

8. Adjournment



This meeting is being held in a wheelchair-accessible location.

To request disability-related accommodation(s) to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact Aimee Mueller at 981-4932 or 981-6903 (TDD) at least three business days before the meeting date.

Please refrain from wearing scented products to this meeting.