2012 City of Berkeley Annual Report

The City of Berkeley's Annual Report has been mailed to every residence and business in Berkeley. This year, the Annual Report features 2020 Vision; the Citywide Work Plan; the City's partnerships with local business districts and community agencies; new online services; and improvements to our libraries, streets, bike racks, parking garages, parks and trails. You can also read it online here, at www.CityofBerkeley.info/annualreport, or download it as a PDF.

Letter From the City Manager: Building Together

The Berkeley community has a strong tradition of rising to the challenge of creating a better tomorrow. As we continue to respond to the new economic realities, the partnerships among our residents, businesses, community agencies, educational institutions, and local government are critical in creating innovative and efficient ways to meet our community's needs. In this Annual Report, you will see a number of accomplishments that reflect how we are working together to build a better future.

Our 2020 Vision efforts are an example of how strong partnerships result in better outcomes. 2020 Vision is a joint effort of the City, the Berkeley Unified School District, and the University of California to eliminate the achievement gap in Berkeley public schools by the year 2020. We have aligned many City services with this goal and are working with community agencies to do the same.

The economic volatility of the last several years has made for hard budget choices, including the elimination of over 200 City staff positions, yet Berkeley has weathered the storm better than many. Nevertheless, it will take time and strategic thinking to restore our long-term fiscal health. We will continue to implement structural efficiencies such as the recent consolidation of the Health Department with the Housing & Community Services Department. The new Department includes services for the aging, the oversight of community services provided by non-profit agencies, housing services, and mental, environmental and public health services. This consolidation results in administrative cost savings and better coordination of services to provide an improved continuum of care to Berkeley residents.

You will also see new money-saving improvements on the street. When it came time to replace aging refuse trucks, we took the opportunity to analyze the City's collection routes. The new trucks run cleaner and require fewer staff to operate. The new routes are more efficient and save City funds.

I encourage you to take a look at the City's work plan (www.CityofBerkeley.info/workplan) for a complete description of services, programs, and projects that every City department is undertaking this year. Our budget and work plan goal is to meet today's needs and plan for tomorrow's. Many projects are due to be completed soon (Animal Shelter) and others are just starting (Bay Trail extension).

As we look for creative ways to provide core services and new programs, we appreciate your feedback about how we are doing. We have a great challenge and opportunity in planning for the future. I look forward to hearing from you.


Christine Daniel
City Manager


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