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August 30, 2017   3 UC Berkeley students sworn onto city commissions

August 21, 2017   Berkeley gives city manager power to issue rules for unpermitted protests

August 3, 2017    Orloff Property Management files 3rd lawsuit against city


July 27, 2017   Judge moves to forward 1310 Haskell St. development

July 20, 2017   BPD report indicates racial disparities in policing

July 17, 2017   City Council members outline policy goals at ‘Progressive Town Meeting’

July 16, 2017   Berkeley fire, police personnel salary reaches high of $313K

July 13, 2017   City Council unanimously votes to fund hybrid option for Pathways Project

July 12, 2017  City Council to discuss Housing Accountability Act on Tuesday evening

July 10, 2017   Graffiti targeting ‘white people,’ ‘cops’ reported on south side of Berkeley

July 5, 2017   To solve student housing crisis, Chancellor Christ turns to city


June 29, 2017   City Council passes budget, votes to release police racial profiling report

June 22, 2017  Protesters arrested after City Council votes to continue Urban Shield

June 15, 2017  City Council passes funding prioritization on Berkeley Way project

June 12, 2017  Councilmembers Harrison, Worthington hold town hall on housing, police reform

June 11, 2017  3-year, $25M city mental health program to consider public input

June 1, 2017  City Council unanimously passes Wells Fargo divestment plan


April 26, 2017   Berkeley’s first one-way car-sharing program to launch April 30

April 5, 2017  City Council votes to appoint Andrew Greenwood as BPD chief


March 23, 2017  Whistleblowers protest Board of Library Trustees, alleging ‘deep weeding,’ harassment

March 16, 2017  Berkeley mayor proposes navigation center, village housing for homeless population

March 1, 2017   State Assembly bill proposes making Election Day statewide holiday


February 15, 2017   Berkeley City Council unanimously passes “Step Up Housing” initiative

February 2, 2017   City Council approves medical cannabis cultivation, honors Affordable Care Act



December 3, 2016   Mayor Jesse Arreguin swears into office, brings hope for more progressive leadership
November 28, 2016   City Council to discuss short-term rental regulations, general fund reserve

November 28, 2016   3 candidates vie for Mayor-elect Jesse Arreguin’s City Council seat

November 17, 2016   Berkeley City Council discusses digital strategic plan at special meeting

November 17, 2016   City Council approves rooftop Verizon Wireless construction

November 15, 2016   City Council to address homeless shelter crisis at regular meeting

November 9, 2016   Jesse Arreguin wins as Berkeley’s 1st Latino mayor

November 3, 2016   City Council adopts East Bay Community Choice Aggregation Program

November 3, 2016   Kriss Worthington aims to lead city to progressivism as Berkeley mayor


October 27, 2016   Fact-checking the Berkeley mayoral candidates

October 25, 2016    City Council to discuss Planning and Development Department, land proposal appeals

October 24, 2016   City urges ‘no’ vote on 2 minimum wage initiatives on ballot

October 19, 2016   Berkeley mayoral candidates discuss student issues at campus forum

October 18, 2016  Berkeley City Council to discuss property inheritance issues after eviction of Berkeley resident

October 9, 2016   Music and marijuana: Telegraph’s Amoeba Records to open dispensary inside


September 29, 2016   City asks district attorney to drop charges against evicted West Berkeley resident

September 28, 2016   City Council rolls forward with Bancroft Way bikeway talks

September 22, 2016  Underground BART station to be renovated in addition to plaza improvement project
September 15, 2016   City Council discusses rent overcharges, meeting efficiency

September 13, 2016  City Council to discuss green housing, police accountability at 1st regular fall meeting

September 13, 2016  Activists campaign for ballot measure to limit influence of money in city elections
September 6, 2016  Berkeley, San Francisco rank last in home affordability, new survey shows

September 2, 2016   3 campus students appointed to city commissions

9/18/16 Berkeley Police Report Shows Crime Down in the First 6 Months 

9/6/16 Berkeley City Council Recess Raises Concerns 

9/1/16 Three Students Appointed to City Commissions 


August 24, 2016  U.S. Postal Service files lawsuit against Berkeley over zoning ordinance

August 16, 2016  City replaces flare station in Cesar Chavez Park after resident complaints of flames

8/25/16 Berkeley to Vote on Minimum Wage  

8/16/16  City Replaces Flares Station in Cesar Chavez Park 

 7/26/16  Increase Police Review Commission Accountability Tools 

7/24/16  Berkeley Divests from Private Prisons 

7/08/16 Berkeley City Council resolution would oppose hospital closure 

7/11/16 Former Berkeley council member Donald Jelinek dies at 82 



6/22/16 Alameda County grand jury critiques city of Berkeley’s email practices  



5/19/16  Berkeley planning commission talks increase in number of dispensaries in city 

5/02/16  Progressive voters meet to endorse mayoral, City Council candidates 


4/28/16 Berkeley adopts 'hate states' travel, contract ban 

4/27/16 Berkeley Leaders Not Buying Alta Bates’ Excuse For Planned Hospital Closure 



3/16/16 Berkeley City Council passes item in support of campus speakers’ boycott 

3/09/16 City Council votes down proposal for $1 million loan to Housing Trust Fund 



2/24/16 Berkeley: Council bans city employees from serving on local advisory boards 

2/17/16 New apartment complex to open near Telegraph Avenue in March 

2/10/16 Berkeley enacts stricter minidorm regulations, approves Blake Street project



1/27/16 City of Berkeley Considers Affordable Housing Fund 

1/08/16 City Council votes to sue Monsanto Company over cleanup costs of chemical pollutants 





12/23/15Berkeley: Councilman questions whether high-rise approval should go back before City Council  



11/04/15 City Council votes not to adopt certain amendments to affordable housing ordinance 



10/07/15 Berkeley City Council adopts first reading of cellphone ordinance at meeting  

10/03/15 Berkeley councilman Laurie Capitelli profited from $500,000 housing loan given to police chief, paper says 



9/24/15 Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission member arraigned for extortion, taking bribes 

9/24/15 Berkeley commissioner loses seat over Israel divestment resolution 

9/23/15  Berkeley community members, government officials talk affordable housing for elderly 



8/24/15 Berkeley police patrol to increase Southside presence to address party-related complaints 

8/12/15 Rally highlights discrepancy in number of books weeded from Berkeley Public Library 



7/2/15 Nomination of City Manager  

7/1/15 Biennial Budget 



6/28/15 Berkeley officials celebrate Supreme Court Ruling 

6/24/15 City Council approves biennial budget during Tuesday meeting  

6/14/15 East Bay Municipal Utility District raises water rate  



5/25/15 Redistricting, Public Financing Proposals 

5/17/15 Telegraph Business Improvement District revisits code of conduct for Telegraph Avenue 

5/14/15 Bike to Work Day aims to promote healthier commute 

5/7/15 Downtown development discussed at special City Council meeting 



4/28/15 Berkeley riders sound off on city bicycle plan update 

4/28/15 Berkeley Bicycle Plan workshop draws a crowd 

4/26/15 Berkeley City Council set to consider new housing density bonus rules 

4/20/15 City proposal to restrict tobacco product sales draws worry about livelihoods of business owners 

4/20/15 Berkeley: Course of downtown development questioned at forum 

4/19/15 City Council extends discount on city affordable housing fee to July 1st 

4/8/15 Berkeley calls special meeting to discuss downtown community benefits 

4/9/15 Berkeley Launches Program to Help Homeowners Conserve Energy And Water 

4/8/15 Berkeley City Council to send letter of support for vaccination exemption bill 



2/18/15 Student housing may come to vacant Telegraph lot 



1/21/15  City Council vote declares marijuana collective nuisance, illegal dispensary 




12/18/14 Online Extra: Political Notes: Berkeley council to welcome first lesbian mother 

12/10/14 It's Not the Old Days, but Berkeley Sees a New Spark of Protest 

12/10/14 2 officials demand investigation into police tear gas use in Berkeley protest Saturday 


10/30/14 Berkeley councilman says city mishandled legal fees in Measure S redistricting lawsuit; city disagrees 

10/02/14 Berkeley City Council calls on Gerawan Farming to comply with labor laws 



8/22/14 Brain Cancer Warning Stickers Proposed For Cellphones Sold In Berkeley 

8/06/14 Berkeley City Council Urges Venue Reform 



7/16/14 Berkeley pushes for health warning stickers on cell phones 



6/21/14 Berkeley plans gas-pump warning labels 

6/20/14 Berkeley considering climate change labels at gas pumps 

6/19/14 Rally at PG&E office targets bill that may threaten creation of local energy agencies 

6/19/14 Proposal to revitalize entertainment on Telegraph makes progress 





 7/12/12 KPFA: The Morning Mix with Andres (audio)   

 7/11/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley sitting ban goes to ballot after raucous   

 7/11/12 The Wall Street Journal: Sidewalk is Battleground in Berkeley     

 7/11/12 Univision: Polemica medida en contra de jornaleros de Berkeley (video)  

 7/11/12 CBS San Francisco: Voters to Decide on Berkeley Sit-Lie Ban   

 7/11/12 The Berkeley Daily Planett: Press Release: Mayor's Mistakes Censor    

 7/11/12 KTVN: Berkeley voters to decide sidewalk-sitting ban   

 7/10/12 KTVU Berkeley Voters to decide sidewalk-sit ban   

 7/09/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: Press Release: Arreguin to Offer Alternative to Sit-Lie Ordinance
 Link to the Compassionate Sidewalks Plan   

 7/09/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: ACLU Opposes Anti-Sitting Measure: Letter to the Council   

 7/7/12 The Daily Cal: Mayor faces criticism for controversial ballot measure vote   




 6/14/12 MSNBC: Beware, sidewalk sitters: Berkeley is coming for you   

 06/13/12 Sidewalk sitting ban goes to Berkeley Voters   



      5/5/12 Daily Californian: Center for Independent Living celebrates grand opening of new store on Telegraph   

 5/10/12 A record number of cyclists ride on Bike to Work Day    

 5/24/12 Berkeleyside: West Berkeley Project a step closer to being adopted   



 4/2/12 Berkeleyside: Nine firefighters are promoted in Berkeley ceremony   

 4/6/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: Commentary: Three for History: Andy, Anthony and Sydney   

 4/19/12 Berkeleyside: Telegraph Avenue property owner shows plans for vacant site   

 4/26/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley parkers may get five-minute grace period   

 4/29/12 Daily Californian: Community rallies in support of local swimming pools   

 4/29/12 Daily Californain: Editorial: Five minutes of bliss: A five-minute grace period for parking violations is a win-win for all. The Berkeley City Council should adopt the proposal.    

  4/30/12 Berkeleyside: Community rallies to get pool measure on ballot   



 3/1/12 Daily Californian: City Council to vote on program to let Telegraph businesses expand to sidewalk   

 3/4/12 Daily Californian: City Council to consider limiting campaign contributions from contractors    

 3/6/12 Daily Californian: Bizarre bazaar: Give Telegraph Avenue business owners the opportunity to set up shops on the sidewalk. There isn't much to lose.    

 3/7/12 Daily Californian: City Council moves forward  with program to let Telegraph businesses expand to sidewalk   

 3/12/12 Berkeleyside: Oakland Angstadt to be Berkeley's new planning director   

 3/13/12 Berkeleyside: Few comments on Chief Meehan before Council session    

 3/14/12 Berkeleyside: Spotlight on city manager's response to Chief Meehan   

 3/19/12 Daily Californian: Students, city officials to collaborate to form working group   

 3/21/12 Daily Californain: City Council approves downtown area plan   

 3/22/12 Daily Californian: CALPRIG seeks to garner 60,000 signatures to ban plastic bags   

 3/28/12 Daly Californian: Berkeley City Council could weigh in on charges against Occupy Cal protesters    



 2/01/12 Daily Californian: Berkeley moving forward with tougher plastic bag ban   

 2/01/12 Daily Californian: City files lawsuit against owner of vacant Haste Street lot   

 2/10/12 Berkeleyside: Should Berkeley have a kinder parking ticket policy?    

 2/13/12 Daily Californian: Despite meeting recycling goal, city falls behind in county comparison   

 2/14/12 Daily Californian: City postpones discussion of parking ticket policy   

 2/15/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley passes police mutual aid agreement   

 2/21/12 Daily Californian: The city of Berkeley's new ordinance to protect bicyclists is welcome but does little to fortify the effect of existing laws.   

 2/22/12 Daily Californian: City Council to look into ways to revitalize Telegraph Avenue   

 2/23/12 Daily Californian: Rise of price in parking ticket fines rincreases city revenue   

 2/29/12 Daily Californian: Council discussion of ballot measure focuses on city's aging infrastructure    

 2/29/12 Daily Californian: Report shows drop in city crime rates   



  1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley property company in court over deposits  

 1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Will Berkeley pass a plastic bag ban soon?   

 1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Fire at Berkeley's Great China restaurant on Kitterdge St.   

 1/19/12 Daily Californian: History of tenant complaints fuels claims of negligence against landlords   

 1/18/12 Daily Californian: City Council votes to delay redistricting in Berkeley   

 1/18/12 Berkeleyside: City defers redistricting, plans charter amendment   

 1/17/12 Berkeleyside: Elmwood business quotas may change to help starups   

 1/13/12 Berkeleyside: What's in a name? In Berkeley, a lengthy process   

 1/09/12 Daily Caifornian: Raleigh's, Cafe Intermezzo may reopen after haste Street fire   






  12/7/11 Daily Californian: Sequoia fire aftermath: Cause, rights, future    



 11/8/11 Berkeleyside: Are Blackberries best best for Berkeley in Emergencies?     



 10/31/11 Daily Californian: Berkeley Proud and LOUD at Pride celebration Sunday      



 9/29/11 Berkeleyside: Rapid growth of cannabis collective raises concern    

 9/15/11 Daily Californian: Student tenants protest against local landlords at senior center   

   9/6/11 Berkeleyside: City to consider suing owner of blighted Telegraph lot  



  8/25/11 Daily Californian: City maintains shower program for homeless      



7/4/11 Berkeleyside: Cal leaders push to put student on Berkeley City Council    



 6/27/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley councilmembers celebrate Gay Pride Day      



5/27/11 Berkeleyside: A councilmember takes to Twitter, other officials lag     



4/28/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley crime rates show steady decline    



 3/23/11 Berkeleyside: City's best scenario: Cuts of $12.5 million     

3/11/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley students drop everything... to read   



2/11/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley's Bradley Manning resolution is watered down    



1/12/11 Daily Planet: Why Willard Pool Was Filled    


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