The Rent Stabilization Board approved Resolution 13-03 which authorized landlords to pass through a portion of this year’s fee for tenancies that commenced prior to January 1, 1999. 

Landlords may pass through $4.00 per month for 12 consecutive months after they pay their 2013-2014 registration fee and provide their tenants and the Rent Board at least thirty days’ prior written notice of the increase. Resolution 13-03 also allows tenants with a combined household income limit of 40% of Alameda County’s Area Median Income (AMI) to receive reimbursement for the pass-through.

In order to qualify for the reimbursement, tenants must provide proof of income eligibility for the household (i.e. everyone who resides in the unit) and must receive approval from the Berkeley Food and Housing Project.  The table below outlines the annual income eligibility standards (for each additional person in the household, add $2,850). 


Number of Occupants Annual Household Income
One Person $25,300
Two People $28,950
Three People $32,550
Four People $36,150
Five People $39,400
Six People $41,950
Seven People $44,800
Eight People $47,700


To begin the verification process, please call the Berkeley Food and Housing Project at (510) 809-8525.  The information you provide is strictly confidential and your landlord will not see and the Rent Board will not keep the income documents you submit.  Please keep in mind that each household can only claim one reimbursement so the first member to claim the reimbursement will receive it.  Tenants will need the following information/documents in order to receive the reimbursement:

 Instructions to Pass Through Increased Registration Fees to Tenancies Commenced Prior to 1/1/99 

30-Day Notice for Pass Through of 2013-2014 Registration Fees