Gilman Street Playing Fields Reports 

Burrowing Owl Report


Burrowing Owl Report Narrative 

PDF, 37k


Burrowing Owl Report Attachments 

PDF, 1.4M


Burrowing Owl Winter Survey Report 2006 

PDF, 325k


Design Development Site Plan - March 6, 2006

PDF, 1.5M 

Correction Notice - CEQA Initial Study for the Gilman Street Playing Fields 

PDF, 120k 


Planning Commission meeting of July 27, 2005


Supplemental Staff Report

PDF, 33k 


Staff Report

PDF, 46k 



Attachment C: Comments and Responses to Initial Study

Part 1- PDF, 2.3M

Part 2 -PDF, 2.0M



Attachment D: Revised Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration

PDF, 1.2M



Attachment E: CMA Letter 

PDF, 444k



Attachment F: EBRPD Letter

PDF, 1.9M



Attachment G: State Clearinghouse Letter, July 13, 2005

PDF, 53k



Attachment H1: State Clearinghouse Letter, July 15, 2005

PDF, 182k



Attachment H2: State Parks Letter

PDF, 218k


Letter: Sierra Club letter, July 8, 2005

PDF, 327k


Planning Commission meeting of July 13, 2005


Staff Report

PDF, 47k



Attachment B: Transportation Commission Recommendation

PDF, 30k



Attachment C: Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendation

PDF, 15k



Attachment D: Waterfront Commission Recommendation

PDF, 15k



Attachment E: ASFU Letter

PDF, 2.3M



Attachment F: Comment from Phillip Price

PDF, 4.1M



Attachment G: State Department of Fish & Game Letter

PDF, 1.3M


Planning Commission / Parks & Recreation Commission meeting of June 22, 2005


Staff Report

PDF, 226k



Attachment C: Preliminary Site Plan

PDF, 533k



Attachment D: Proposed Zoning Text

PDF, 20k


Notice of Public Hearings and Community Workshop

PDF, 183k


Environmental Documents - June 10, 2005


Mitigated Negative Declaration

PDF, 1.1M


Initial Study - Part 1

PDF, 675k


Initial Study - Part 2

PDF, 492k


Initial Study - Part 3

PDF, 550k


Initial Study - Part 4

PDF, 703k


Initial Study - Part 5

PDF, 1.2M


Initial Study - Appendices A & B

PDF, 4.2M


Project Description - June 6, 2005


Project Description

PDF, 26k



Attachment 1: Preliminary Site Plan




Attachment 2: Preliminary Grading Plan

PDF, 374k



Attachment 3: Preliminary Cut & Fill Plan

PDF, 414k


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