Dear Property Owners/Residents:

The City of Berkeley will be performing pavement rehabilitation of certain streets within the City, including the street in front of your property, as shown on the location map on the back of this notice. The streets will be resurfaced and/or reconstructed with asphalt concrete. Work is scheduled to begin in (approximate month will be supplied).

During construction, it will be necessary to close the street partially or completely to vehicular traffic during construction work hours due to safety concerns. No street closure is expected to last more than 12 hours at a time. Street parking will also be restricted. "No Parking" signs will be posted along your street 3 days in advance and will be enforced by the Police Department. Please see the posted signs for the exact hours and locations as they may vary according to scheduled tasks. All other parking restrictions, including no parking for street cleaning, will still be in effect. Residents should know that access to their driveways may be prohibited for most of the day during the paving operations. If you plan to drive your vehicle while rehabilitation is scheduled in your area, please park it outside the construction area to avoid oil spray or other complications. Please note that the oil and asphalt used during construction is not easily removed from feet, shoes, floors and rugs.

The work is expected to be completed around (approximate time will be supplied), barring unforeseen problems and weather conditions. Construction in your vicinity may not take place in one continuous time period as there are several phases of construction. It also may not extend for the entire period between (approximate time will be supplied). The contractor will complete the concrete work (such as installing curb ramps, etc.) before undertaking pavement work. Except for special circumstances, normal work hours will be between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please note that installation and maintenance of sidewalk, curb, and gutter is the responsibility of the property owner. It is City policy that the installation and maintenance of a water barrier (against runoff) with a minimum height of 6 inches is the responsibility of the property owner. City owned trees will be trimmed by the City's Forestry Division. Property owners are responsible for trimming trees growing from their property and intruding into the roadway. Those trees with branches that extend out beyond the curb line and less than 14 feet high from the road pavement must be trimmed to avoid damage to the tree during the construction work.

The City Engineering Inspector will be on site during work hours if you have any problems (contact name and number will be supplied). After work hours, please call the contractor (contact name and phone number will be supplied), to report any problems associated with street construction. If he cannot be reached, please call Public Works Customer Service at (510) 981-6620.

The street rehabilitation may cause temporary inconvenience because of the nature of work. We will appreciate your patience during this period and will attempt to minimize the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call the Engineering Division, at (510) 981-6400.