City of Berkeley Police Department Online Crime Reporting System

Welcome to the City of Berkeley Police Department's Online CRIME Reporting System. If this is an EMERGENCY, please call 9-1-1, or (510) 981-5911 from your cell phone.  If this this situation requires immediate police attention, please call (510) 981-5900 instead of filing an online report.  

The online reporting system should only be used to report incidents that do not require immediate police attention.  This reporting system is not continuously monitored by police personnel.  Using this system will allow you to file a police report at your convenience.  You will be able to print a temporary report immediately and you will receive a free copy of the official report via email once the report has been reviewed and approved.    

Any of the following would NOT be appropriate to report online:

If you answered NO to all of the above questions, you are ready to file your report online.  If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please call (510) 981-5900 for an officer to respond to take your report.

Click on the below bolded crime "definitions" to help you determine if the incident you would like to report fits the appropriate California Penal Code section.  Click on the bolded "Incident Types" below to choose the crime type that you would like to make a police report.
Incident Type   Definition   Examples
Harassing Phone Calls    Repeated, Unwanted phone calls of an annoying or threatening nature.  For more information Immediate hang-ups, obscene language with no known suspect.
Identity Theft    Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information and using it to get credit, goods or services.  For more info/resources Someone obtains a credit card using your SSN or gets phone service using your personal information.
Theft  Your property is taken without your permission
For more information/resources 
Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Lost property is not a theft.
Theft from Vehicle and Auto Burglary 

Property is stolen from a unlocked motor vehicle or car broken into and items stolen.
For more information/resources

Property is stolen from a vehicle. An auto burglary may be reported if the vehicle was locked, entry was made, whether or not anything was taken.
Vandalism The act of defacing, changing or modifying public or private property. For more information/resources Graffiti, knocking over mailbox, throwing rocks through a window etc. Permanent damage.
Vandalism to Vehicle   Tampering with a vehicle. For more information Keying, breaking window, side mirror or wipers.

Please make sure to turn off your pop up blocking software, or add this site to your pop up blocker exception list, before filing the report.  This system utilizes pop-up windows to complete online reports. 

Upon completion of the online reporting process:

Please note: