Business Licenses Review: Zoning Research and Compatibility 

What is the Zoning Ordinance and how does it affect my business?  

An important part of the City’s approval of a business license is review by Planning Department staff to be sure that your business is a permitted use in your proposed location.  The Zoning Ordinance identifies what types of business are allowed in the various zoning districts, as well as what types of permit may be required.  For example, some businesses may require approval of an Administrative Use Permit or approval from the Zoning Adjustments Board.

Once you have confirmed that your address is in the City’s database please talk to a planner at the Zoning Counter in the Permit Service Center to verify that your business is allowed in, and compatible with the purposes and uses allowed in the district.  Once Zoning staff grants permission  to establish the use, they will sign off on your business license application.

*Note: Do not sign a lease until you have verified that the address exists and the use is compatible with the purposes and uses within the district. 

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