Business Licenses Review: Address Verification

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Many addresses are not included in the City’s electronic address database.  In these cases, the legality of the tenant space must be verified, and the database must be updated before any new business licenses can be approved. 

How can I find out if my address is in the City’s Database?

The City Parcel Conditions Database allows you to see if your address exists in the City’s database.  This information can also be obtained by visiting the Permit Service Center and speaking to a planner at the Zoning Counter. 

*If your address, including suite number or designated tenant space, is in the electronic database then you may proceed to Step 2.*

Staff will verify that the address shown on your application is included in the City’s computer records.  If you are located in a commercial building with multiple suites, staff needs to verify that the suite addresses were legally established.  If they were not, you will need to apply for an address assignment before the business license application will be accepted. There is no charge for an address assignment; however, the property owner must sign the application and the process takes four – six  weeks.

To expedite this process, you should check early in the process to determine if you have an approved address, including a suite address if applicable. This process can take several weeks, so it is important for businesses to initiate the process early. See reverse for how to obtain this application on the web.

*Note: Zoning review may be conducted while address assignment is pending, but zoning approval cannot be granted until address assignment is completed.

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