Welcome to the Finance Department

The Finance Department operates the Customer Service Center and provides direct services to the entire Berkeley community, which includes approximately 102,000 residents and more than 11,000 businesses. Our Department also provides a wide variety of support services, including financial analysis and reporting, billing and collection, procurement, contract administration and vendor transactions for all City departments.

The Finance Department's mission is "To conduct all of our responsibilities with integrity, warrant and receive the trust of colleagues and constituents, and to positively support the delivery of quality services to fulfill the City’s mission and citywide priorities. Within the framework of full disclosure and quality customer service, our principal obligations are to safeguard City assets, maximize revenues, manage the business of City programs, and provide accurate, timely, and complete financial information.”

In carrying out our mission, Finance has a broad range of interactions with our community, as well as for other City of Berkeley departments and the City Council. These include:

Finance includes 75 employees and operates with a budget of almost $9 million, of which almost 100% is from the General Fund. More than 40% of this budget is dedicated to Customer Service functions.


The City's financial accounting and reporting information and services are carried out by Accounting staff. This includes:

For additional information, contact Marvin Tam, Accounting Manager, at (510) 981-7332.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for the auditing and processing of invoices and payments for the City of Berkeley.

Inquiries should be directed to accountspayable@CityofBerkeley.info, Accounts Payable, at (510) 981-7310.

Customer Service Center

The Finance Customer Service Center is located at 1947 Center Srteet, and is open Monday thru Thursday from 8:30am-4:00pm.  Please visit the Customer Service Center web page for more information.

Revenue Collection

Billing and collection of payments for most of the City's programs and services are conducted by Revenue Collection staff. In addition, they prepare Berkeley's property-based tax rolls for the annual Property Tax Statement mailed by Alameda County, as well as the annual renewals for Business License Taxes and Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program permits.

Revenue Collection can be reached at (510) 981-7200.

General Services - Procurement

General Services - Procurement administers the City's centralized purchasing system, as well as the City's Print Shop and Mail Services. Procurement is dedicated to providing excellent, responsive and courteous service to City departments and the community by:

For additional information, email General Services - Procurement or call (510) 981-7320