Media Inquiries to the City of Berkeley

If you are a member of the media and want information or comment from the City of Berkeley, please refer to the information below so that your inquiry can be handled as quickly as possible.

Berkeley City Departments
The City Manager's Office coordinates all media requests that come to City departments (except Police—see below). Members of the media can contact Public Information Officer Matthai Chakko at (510) 981-7008 or via email.

Berkeley Police Department
The Police Department has an assigned Public Information Officer (PIO). Please see this BPD web page for current contact information about the PIO, office hours, and how to get information during off hours.

Elected Officials: Mayor, City Councilmembers, City Auditor
The City PIO cannot not speak for the elected officials, but can report on Council actions, clarify Council processes, or provide similar technical information. To request information or an interview from an elected representative, please contact their offices directly.

Other Public Agencies
The Rent Stabilization Board, the Board of Library Trustees, and the Berkeley Housing Authority are all separate agencies. Please contact them directly.

Additional Useful Information
Open Government Ordinance: Please visit this page for more information on meeting agendas, the conduct of public meetings, and public documents.