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2009 Council Items




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12/15 Referral to City Manager: Public Ceremony for Police Promotions (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
12/15 Referral to City Manager: Making On-Line City Council Broadcasts More Widely Accessible on Computer and Portable Devices (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
12/15 Referral to City Manager: Creation of a Response to Campus Area Assaults, and Participation in the Non-violent Neighborhood Summit (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
12/15 Endorse Concept of Comprehensive Homeless Service Center: Berkeley HOPE (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
12/08 Oppose Stupak-Pitts Amendment to HR 3962 (PDF) Supplemental Agenda Material (PDF) 7-1-0 yes
11/17 26th Annual Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
11/17 Support Judge Edward Chen's Nomination to U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
11/10 Support of Rochdale Village Lease Renewal on Existing Terms (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
11/10 Support for H.R. 3766 - $1 Billion for Affordable Housing (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
11/10 Oppose Recommendations by the Commission on the 21st Century Economy To Drastically Change the California Tax System (PDF) 7-2-0 yes
10/13 Stop the Bus Cuts – Transfer BRT Capital $ Into Operating Funds (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
10/13 Support HR 3221 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
10/13 Declare Saturday, October 31 2009, “Berkeley Patients Group Day” in the City of Berkeley (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
9/29 Parking Modification on Telegraph Avenue (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/29 Increase the Percentage of Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in Berkeley (continued from September 22, 2009) (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 The Citywide Corporate Responsibility of New Hotels Ordinance (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Support 7th Annual Sea Otter Awareness Week, September 27-October 3, 2009 (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Opposing the Undemocratic Statewide Initiative “New Two-Thirds Requirement For Local Public Electricity Providers (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 SB 279: Finance Renewable Energy and Efficiency Upgrades Through Community Facility Districts (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Letter To Support President Obama’s Goal To Abolish Nuclear Weapons (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Moving Mario’s La Fiesta Restaurant Location (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Declaring October 10, 2009 as Indigenous Peoples Day (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
9/22 Proposed Consolidation and/or Closing of Three Berkeley Post Offices (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
7/23 Berkeley Stimulus Funds for Jobs and Housing: Increasing Housing Trust Fund by 1.4 Million and Reserving Funding for Ashby Arts Affordable Senior Housing  8-0-0 yes
7/23 Official City Sponsorship of the 2009 USTA Girls’ 18 National Championships (PDF)   9-0-0 yes
7/14  City Sponsorship Of The 8th Annual And Future Peace Lantern Ceremonies (PDF)   9-0-0 yes
7/14 Support Senate Resolution 187 to Prevent Violence Against Abortion Providers (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
7/14 Parole Commission Letter to Release Leonard Peltier (PDF)  8-0-1 yes
7/07 Relinquishment of Council Office Budget: Wee Poets 25th Year Anniversary Fundraiser (PDF)   9-0-0 yes
7/07  Request for City Comments on the High Energy Plasma Laser Accelerator (PDF)    yes
7/07 Relinquishment of Council Office Budget for Berkeley Juneteenth Association, Inc. (PDF)   9-0-0 yes
6/23 City Sponsorship of the 2009 Telegraph LastSundays Fest (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/09 Relinquishment Of Council Office Budget Funds To General Fund And Grant Of Such Funds To Reach Fellowship International (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/09 Proclamation in Honor of Joyce Jenkins (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
6/09 Sixth Annual Berkeley World Music Festival (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/19 Support Communications Workers of America Contract Negotiations (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/19 Support the Bhopal Gas Disaster Resolution and Letter to Dow Chemical Company (PDF) 8-0-1 yes
5/19 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (PDF) 9-0-0 yes
5/05 Support SB 810 California Universal Health Care Act of 2009 (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
5/05 Climate Action Amendments #D (PDF)    In part
5-05 Sweatshop Free Ordinance (PDF) a. From: Councilmembers Worthington, Moore, Anderson and Arreguin (PDF)  continued  
4/21 Proclaimation Declaring April 24, 2009 the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
4/21  Sweatshop Free Ordinance (PDF) a. From: Councilmembers Worthington, Moore, Anderson and Arreguin (PDF) continued  
4/21 Declaring Diane Griffin Day, and Thanking Her for Helping Save Taxpayers $289,000 Overcharges (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
3/24 Assessment of General Fund Subsidy for Refuse Fund Increase Opt-outs for Low & Fixed Income Household (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
3/10 Support for U.S. PRIG 21st Century Transportation for America (PDF)  5-0-3 yes
2/24 Raising the Tibetian Flag in Soldarity with the Tibetian People for 50 Years in Exile (PDF)  8-0-1 yes
2/10 Support for Nartional Freedom to Marry Week from February 8-14th (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
1/27 Affordable Housing & Homeless Prevention Economic Recovery Package (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
1/27 Making Employee Free Choice Act a Very High Federal Priority (PDF)  9-0-0 yes
1/27 Referral to City Manager: Draft sunshine Ordinance (PDF)  9-0-0 yes