Fire Prevention Inspections

The Berkeley Fire Department conducts annual inspections of multiple residential occupancies of 3 or more units, commercial properties, or homes in the hazardous fire areas. The goal of these inspections is to decrease the number and severity of fires. Residential and business inspections take place throughout the year; inspections of hazardous fire areas are scheduled on a fiscal year. From July 1 to June 30. Re-inspections, if necessary, are conducted 30-60 days after the initial inspection.

Most of these inspections are conducted by engine and truck company firefighters. Fire inspectors conduct inspections of schools, hospitals, and other State mandated inspections, including inspections referred by engine and truck companies.

The cost of a residential and business fire inspection is $93.50 per quarter hour. Inspections are normally invoiced within 30 days. There is no charge for inspections in the hazardous fire areas. If payment is not received within 60 days of the invoice date a 20% penalty will be added.

The firefighters make routine inspections of all public spaces, which include areas like hallways, exit balconies, assembly rooms, utility and laundry rooms and garages. Unless requested by an owner, annual inspections are routine and normally do not require appointments, unless there are special hazards and/or the building is very large, which requires the assistance of a building engineer to complete the inspection.

Below is a list of some of the fire code safety violations firefighters look for during an annual inspection. You can use this list as a guide to assist you in identifying and correcting potential fire and life safety hazards in your building. For more information, call Fire Prevention at 981-5585.






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