Crime Analysis Unit

Crime Analysis logoCrime Analyst Rita De Lucchi, MPA, CCIA and Officer Darrin Rafferty work as a team and make up the BPD Crime Analysis Unit. They gather and analyze daily data and weekly crime statistics to identify crime trends and methods of operation across all classifications of crimes. In addition, they regularly map their findings and distribute the crime information to all members of the department for guidance with respect to planning strategies that address the crime problems such as focused enforcement efforts. The Crime Analysis Team prepares reports containing crime statistics for various projects within BPD such as COMPSTAT and the Crime Analysis and Response Strategies (CARS) meetings as well as requests from outside entities.

The Crime Analysis Unit is an essential element within the department They contribute to increased situational awareness between departmental divisions as they produce timely analysis.  Analysis which is employed by officers and detectives in their development of appropriate strategies used to fight crime.

Some of CA De Lucchi's and Officer Rafferty's other duties include gathering information for Public Records Act (PRA) requests, quarterly or yearly Clery Reports, mapping for planning projects, EIRs and alcohol outlets density mapping and a host of other projects which require data gathering.

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