Awards, Recognition and Distinction for Members of the Berkeley Police Department 

*This represents just a sampling of awards and recognition received by members of BPD from outside entities in the last 5 (five) years. This does not reflect the hundreds of internal and external commendations written and communicated about members of BPD each year.

2011 - UCPD First Annual Motorcycle Competition

On July 23, 2011, UCPD hosted its first annual Motorcycle Competition.  Motor Officers from Emeryville, East Palo Alto, Gilroy, Richmond, and San Jose participated in this event.  The furthest rider was from Ventura (City of San Buenaventura).  City of Berkeley PD riders included Brian Kishiyama, Marcus Dinkins, and Rush Jackson. 

B. Kishiyama Motor Award 1

Motorcycle competitions are great training tools.  Riders are timed and go through intricate cone patterns.  The cone patterns represent obstacles that riders may encounter while on duty.  Any cones that are hit or knocked down results in a time penalty.  The best time wins.  The stress of a motorcycle competition is the same stress of an actual collision; the body does not distinguish between the two. Studies show that riders who train and compete are less like to be involved in collisions because of their heighten skills – it often results in saving departments millions of dollars due to less officer involved collisions. 

Motor competition 4

Motor competition 5


motors 6

 3 Traffic Officers

"The Dorothy Harris Award" presented to Captain Erik Upson

The 2010 Alameda County District Attorney's Officer Recognition Award 

The CA Robbery Investigators' Association Northern California Officer of the Year Award 

The CA Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control Award

Additional Awards, Recognitions and Distinctions Received in 2010 

Additional Awards, Recognition and Distinction Received in 2009-2006