Publications, Brochures and Information

The Berkeley Police Department provides various publications and videos on crime prevention, our police department and other law enforcement related materials, at no charge. Most of the brochures and documents may be opened with Adobe PDF  and reviewed or printed out.  These brochures have been provided by the California Department of Justice and the Office of Criminal Justice Planning. 

Arson and Vandalism Prevention  - Information and tips for preventing arson or vandalism. 

Auto Burglary - TLC  - information on how to protect your car and valuables from auto burglars.

Business Burglary Prevention  - This pamphlet provides burglary prevention information for your business or place of work.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)-The proper design and effective use of the built environment will prevent crime and increase the quality of life 

Crime Prevention for the Disabled - This brochure provides advice on how to prevent and deter crime towards disabled persons.

Home Security Handbook - This brochure provides crime prevention information for the home or apartment.  There is also a home security survey which you can print out to help you determine where your home is vulnerable.

Home Security Hardware - This brochure provides tips on how to improve the doors, windows and hardware of your home in order to reduce the likelihood of you being burglarized.

Identity Theft  - A pamphlet, which provides information on how this fast growing crime can be prevented.

Marine Security - Tips on preventing theft of equipment and gear from boats, docks and the waterfront.

Neighborhood Watch - Information about starting, maintaining and being involved in a Neighborhood Watch program.

Personal Security - Tips to help you reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of theft or personal harm.

Recreational Security - Information about how to protect yourself and your belongings while participating in recreational activities.

Robbery Prevention - Information on how you can reduce the likelihood of becoming the victim of robbery.

Shoplifting Prevention - Tips on how businesses can reduce the potential of shoplifting and theft crimes. 

Date Rape - Information on how to recognize date rape violence and how to help victims begin to deal.

Vacation Security - Tips on how to prevent theft or burglary while you are away on vacation - how to better secure you home or office.