City of Berkeley Police Department Quick Facts 
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BPD has had 17 Chiefs of Police to date, four (4) of those were Acting Chiefs.                                     .Woman Officer

BPD currently has three (3) sets of brothers and one (1)  set of sisters who work in the department.             .

The median age of all  BPD sworn officers is approximately 37.091 years of age.

Members of BPD speak 14 different languages including American Sign Language. (ASL)

BPD has 164 sworn Police Officers (this includes all ranks - Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant & Officer) 

                   «29 Public Safety Dispatchers (PSD) 4 of whom are Supervisors (SPSD)
                   «27 Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) 2 of whom are Supervisors
                   «21 Community Services Officers (CSOs) - Property Room & BPD Jail 
...of the 164 Sworn Police officers of all ranks, 114 have  Bachelor's Degrees in a variety of disciplines, seven (7) have Master's Degrees and three (3) have a JD. (Juris Doctor/Law)

Over 45% of all members of BPD volunteer in some capacity within their communities.

Male Officer

BPD has 103 Professional/civilian staff members.

27 members of the current sworn ranks of the BPD transferred from another bay area Law Enforcement agency to work for our department or returned to BPD after resigning to do other work.

A member of BPD had his High School football jersey retired for his extraordinary athletic performance.



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