Crime Prevention Measures

The reason crime happens is well known. Crime happens because there is a criminal to commit the crime, a victim who can be victimized by the criminal and the location or opportunity for a crime to occur. You can reduce the likelihood of being the victim of criminal activity if you take away the OPPORTUNITY for the criminal to make you his victim.

Crime prevention logoAt Home

Make sure your main front door has a door viewer (peep hole).

Install solid core wood or metal doors on all exterior door openings

Always lock all windows and doors when going out.  This includes short trips next door or out to the mailbox.

Do not place keys in hidden locations.

Keep all landscaping trimmed back to allow a clear view onto the property.  Shrubs should be at 36" or lower, trees and tall plants should have at least 6" clear below.  Do not allow plants to obstruct the view of windows and doorways.

Know your neighbors - be aware of who belongs and who does not belong.

Always acknowledge anyone who knocks at the door or rings the bell.  You don't have to open the door, but you should always let them know you are home.

Purses, backpack and wallets

Walking or shopping

On-line shopping

Simply put, your car or truck is valuable. Take precautions to prevent it from being stolen. And don't leave anything in the car that might tempt a break-in. Find out more about the typical auto thief, and what you can do to protect your vehicle and valuables.

Who Is the Auto Thief?

• Adults and juveniles steal cars. Even 13- and 14-year-olds can become involved in car theft because "joy riding" can be so easy to do.

• Nearly 40% of Oakland's stolen cars had the keys left in them. After all, if you are going to steal a car, wouldn't you pick the one with keys? So does the car thief.

• Some cars are stolen by established criminals involved in stripping rings, but most cars can be protected quite easily. Here's how you can protect yours:

Lock it. Lock it. Lock it.

Sounds so simple, but how often do you keep your car locked?

• Lock all doors. Lock the trunk. Lock the tailgate of your station wagon. Close all windows and lock the vent wings. Don't hide extra keys under the hood or on the frame. The determined thief will find them.

• If you have a garage, lock the car inside the garage and lock the garage.

• Install a locking gas tank cap. That way your car can't be driven any further than what's in the tank.

You Can Do More to Protect Your Car or Truck

• Away from home? Park beneath street lights or in a well-lit parking lot.

• Don't leave packages in plain sight; lock them in the trunk.

• At home, burn a light at the front and rear of your house.

• Keep your registration number and license plate number in your wallet or purse so that if your car is stolen, you'll have instant facts for the police.

Car Break-Ins

Other than tempting packages or purses left in plain view, the three biggest temptations that lead to car break-ins are:

1. GPS units

2. Handicap placards

3. FasTrak tags

 You can protect your car and valuables by removing these items when you park your car.