Berkeley Police Department
Crowd Management Team

In the early 1990’s, the City of Berkeley Police Department recognized the need for a specialized group of sworn Department members who have advanced training and abilities to response to all types of crowd situations or large gatherings of people. The team was named The Crowd Management Team or CMT. The team members’ participation in CMT is a collateral special assignment and members are interviewed and selected based on a specific set of criteria.

CMT protests 3CMT continuously trains in the most current best practices with regard to crowd management in order to ensure the First Amendment Rights guaranteed by the Unites States Constitution is protected for all individuals wishing to express those rights in a demonstration or protest setting.

The approximately 24 members of CMT are trained for the often challenging task of separating illegal activity from lawful protest for the protection of life and property during an event. preventing property damage and injuries. The teammembers are on call for any spontaneous events that can develop, large street parties that become difficult to manage or riots.

In recent years, the BPD Crowd Management Team has been called up to manage several series of ongoing protests and expressions related to policitical issues. The team members stand by to preserve the overall peace and have a keen readiness if the group's or crowd's energies suddenly change. 
The BPD CMT Commander is currently Lieutenant Randolph Files with Lieutenant Dave Frankel acting as Assistant Commander.