Berkeley Police Department
Reserve Officer Program

The City of Berkeley Police Department Reserve Unit has a long and rich history. Historical records indicate that BPD had some form of Reserve Officers were working within the department in approximately 1932.  A Civilian Defense AuxReserve at Solano Strolliliary Police Unit was formed on December 9, 1941. In 1950, the name was changed to the Berkeley Police Reserve Unit and was divided into 2 sections:

1) The Emergency Police and 2) the Auxiliary Police. That unit was made up of 100 officers.  Some of these officers were armed and worked in the field with their full time counterparts, while others assisted in a support role.

In 1969, the two sections were phased out and it became the Berkeley Police Reserves.

Currently, 20 Berkeley Reserve Officers support the Police Department in fulfilling its mission. Reserves officers are made up of individuals who have completed a Basic CA. POST Reserve Academy or equivalent and serve as officers in a part time capacity.

Many Reserve Officers have fulltime jobs in other than law enforcment roles. Reserve Officers predominantly handle assignments in Patrol Operations, but can also work with investigative units, assist with prisoner guarding and transport, and participate in a number of other support, special events and administrative assignments. Reserve Officers' schedules are flexible with a commitment of approximately 190 hours per year.

Reserves participate in regular training that parallels the skill reviews and legal updates that full time BPD officers receive.