The Berkeley Housing Authority (BHA) is seeking statement of qualifications and fee proposals from local and regional for profit and non-profit entities to serve as Developer/Owner for the acquisition, rehabilitation and operation of the BHA's portfolio of federal Low-Income Public Housing (LIPH) and state Rental Housing Construction Program (RHCP) units.  Please click on the following links for information on how to submit your proposal:

RFP 11 03 Cover Letter 

RFP 11 03 Request for RFP for Developer/Owner 

Attachment A-1: HUD form 5369-B Instruction to Offerors 

Attachment A-2: HUD form 5369-C Certifications & Representation 

Attachment A-3: Non-Collusion Affidavit 

Attachment A-4: Acknowledgment of Addenda 

Attachment A-5: Form 2992 Debarment and Suspensions 

Attachment A-6: BHA Scattered-Site Proposed Business Terms 

Exhibit I: Property List and Map 

Exhibit II: LIPH Inventory Removal Application 

Exhibit III: HUD Disposition Approval Letter 

Exhibit IV: Draft Relocation Plan 

Exhibit V: Capital Needs Assessment (updated 5/6/11)

Exhibit VI: Property Appraisals 

Exhibit VII: Section 3 and MBE/WBE Policy and Requirements 

Exhibit VIII: HUD Cost Control and Safe Harbor Guidelines 

Exhibit IX: Accessibility Notice: Notice PIH 2002-01 (HA)

FAQs through June 13, 2011

FAQs through June 24, 2011

FAQs through June 29, 2011 Response Update #1

FAQs through July 5, 2011 Response Update #2