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Councilmember Susan Wengraf

Newsletter #16 


 April, 2011
Included in this newsletter is information about:
EARTHDAYCelebrate Earth Day in Berkeley

Saturday, April 23

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center

Milvia Street @ Center Street


    Sustainable urban living demos, free electronic waste drop-off, Berkeley Farmer's market, a climbing wall, fresh organic gourmet food from the Berkeley Farmer's market, craft and community booths, and cultural performers.


    Free workshops and demonstrations on gardening, energy and water efficiency, toxics prevention, cycling and more!


    Bring your old halogen lamps to swap out for a free new energy efficient one.


    Free recycling of old electronic waste, household batteries, and fluorescent lights will be available.


    Test-drive an all electric car.

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libraryNorth Branch Library Closure

    The North Branch Library will close for renovation and construction beginning Monday, April 25.  The last open day for public service will be Saturday, April 23rd.


    The Library will continue to post project information and updates on its website, and hopes to see you at the North Branch Library grand re-opening slated for mid-2012.  Library staff and supporters look forward to bringing you a current code compliant, seismically safe, fully accessible green building with more public space, enhanced historic features, and a new meeting room for library programs and public use.

    Library BranchVan service will begin on Monday, April 25th on Shattuck Avenue at Berryman Street, in front of Live Oak Park Recreation Center. Check out the Library's webpage or pick-up a North Branch Temporary Closure Guide for more service information during the temporary closure including the BranchVan and children's story time schedules. 

    For more information call (510) 981-6195.

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 holocaustHolocaust Remembrance Day at The Freight & Salvage

    Please join us at the 9th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day with special guests Lucille Eichengreen, author of the newly published book, Haunted Memories: Portraits of Women in the Holocaust, and Murray Gordon, resistance fighter and Survivor Honoree.  The musical group Varetski Pass will also perform.  The Freight and Salvage at 2020 Addison Street will host the event on Sunday, May 1, at 10:30 AM.

    Community members have worked together with  Council members Kriss Worthington and Susan Wengraf to create this year's program. Berkeley is honored to have the participation of two holocaust survivors this year.

    Murray Gordon, Survivor Honoree, escaped from the Jewish ghetto in Kaunas, Lithuania and fled to the dense forest of Eastern Europe, where partisans camped and actively participated in acts of sabotage against the Nazis.  After being wounded, Gordon returned to the Jewish ghetto and was eventually sent to a settlement camp in Germany and then to Dachau.  He was liberated 11 months later.  He shares his story as part of the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation, which was formed to teach about the heroic actions of the partisans and resistance fighters during World War II.  


    Guest Author Lucille Eichengreen survived the Lodz Ghetto and the concentration camps at Auschwitz, Neuengamme and Bergen-Belsen. She collected her experiences in two memoirs, From Ashes to Life and Rumkowski: And the Orphans of Lodz.  She will read excerpts from her new work, Haunted Memories, a book that offers a new view, through the lens of women, into the experiences of the Nazi camps.  Ms. Eichengreen will be available to sign books in the lobby after the event.

    Varetski Pass will perform songs and melodies that have been recovered from the Holocaust.  
    Parking is available for a fee in the Addison/Center Street Garage, adjacent to The Freight and Salvage.

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catalog Opt out of Unwanted Mail: Catalog Choice


    Berkeley residents can now take advantage of a free service that will allow them to opt out of unwanted catalogs, advertising mail pieces, and phone books.


    The free online service, powered by Catalog Choice, gives Berkeley residents and businesses a convenient way to prevent waste by opting out of telephone directories, catalogs, credit card and insurance offers, coupons, and other solicitations.   


     This service gives residents another tool for reducing their environmental footprint at home and at work.


    Here's how it works: Residents go to the community portal and sign up for the Catalog Choice service.  Once registered, residents identify the individual catalogs and solicitations they no longer wish to receive.  Catalog Choice delivers the opt-out request and tracks the company's confirmation for the user.  Berkeley residents can track the environmental benefits of their opt-outs measured in trees, greenhouse gas, solid waste and water saved.


    Catalog Choice, a nonprofit based in Berkeley, operates the nation's largest free online mail preference service that includes 1.3 million consumer members.


    For more information visit:


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oakSudden Oak Death Tracking Effort

Live Oak 

    Berkeley Partners for Parks is helping UC organize a Sudden Oak Death 'bioblitz.'  After a one-hour training at UC Berkeley at 1:30 PM Saturday, April 30, volunteers will fan out to search for diseased leaves of carrier plants - mostly bay trees.  Volunteers are welcome to survey wherever they want - including their own homes.  Suspect samples are turned in at a UC Berkeley drop box by 5 p.m. Sunday, May 1st.  After lab testing, results will be posted online and on Google Earth.  A public meeting in early fall will discuss findings and next steps.

    To volunteer for the event, click here.

    For more information and related links, click here.

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earthquakeEarthquake Supplies

 Earthquake house 

    Is thinking about preparing for an earthquake overwhelming you?  I suggest that you try to do a little bit each month.

    Here is a simple list of items to put aside this month that will start building your supplies to keep you safe and healthy for a 72-hour period.  These supplies should be kept in a secure, easily accessible area outside your home.  In the next newsletter I will suggest additional items to add.

  • Water - one gallon per person and per pet/day
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Essential medications
  • Food - ready to eat or requiring minimal water. Examples: cans of soup, tuna, sardines, jerky, energy bars, juice boxes
  • Manual can opener and a few utensils
  • First aid kit and instructions
  • Copies of important documents and phone numbers in clear plastic bag
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for each family member
  • Sturdy shoes for each family member (old athletic shoes are great)
  • Personal hygiene items including toilet paper, feminine supplies, hand sanitizer and soap

    For more information and helpful tips on preparing for any major disaster, go to www.72hours.org.


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emergencyEmergency Numbers

emergency number


From a land line:    911


From a cell phone:  981-5911.


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Susan Wengraf
Berkeley City Council District 6
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