Questions & Answers to Organizational Assesment RFP (click here for pdf) 

Question Answer Documents
1 Can we have a breakdown of employee benefits showing percentages and yearly cost for each type of benefit?  See document Click here for breakdown of employee benefits showing percentages and yearly cost for each type of benefit 
2 On the current org chart, some positions are listed wihtout numbers of individuals.  Can we assume these are positions that are not filled? See document Click here for updated organizational chart for clarification 
3 Clarify the legal organization of the BHA: 1) Division of the City of Berkeley or 2) a standalone entity (PHA) The BHA is a standalone entity None
4 Are all PH units now vacant?  if so, when is final demo work expected to be competed?  

BHA inventory consists of 61 Federal public housing units (8 vacancies) and 14 State, RHCP units (1 vacancy).  No demo work is anticipated.  We are in the process of disposing the entire inventory to a non-profit housing developer/provider.

5 Can we have access to VMS reports for the past 12 months and current as well s the FDS FYE 6/30/2010 audit submission? See documents

Click her for VMS reports 

Click here for audit submission FDS Program Income Summary FYE 6/30/10       

Click here for audit submission FDS Program Balance Summary FYE 6/30/10 

6  Can we have a copy of the most recent IPA audit for FYE 6/30/2010?  See document Click here for FDS FYE Final Audit Report 2010 
7 Please provide a list of software systems and their functions that are used at the agency  Emphasys “Elite” software is used  for managing BHA’s data regarding all Section 8 Program Participants and Low Income Public Housing Residents. Through the Elite software, upcoming reexam and upcoming inspections data is pulled. All recertifications are handled through Elite as well. None
8   Please provide the agency’s most current SEMAP results, by indicator. See document Click here for the agency’s most current SEMAP results, by indicator. 
9  Are agency employees unionized? If so, what is the name of the union? Two employee bargaining unions:

SEIU Local 1021 represents 9  of the 14 employees

Local One represents 3 of the 14 employees

The Executive Director and Senior Office Assistant are unrepresented

10 What is the target start date of the project? ASAP; by May 15, 2011 None
11 What are the SEMAP and PHAS scores SEMAP score is 93% and the PHAS score is 57% None
12 How do we get a license to do business in the City of Berkeley?  Information on how to obtain a City of Berkeley Business license can be obtained at the City of Berkeley website at or by clicking on the following link:  None
13 Please provide a current org chart See document Organizational Chart 
14 Please provide a table of statistics regarding the current Section 8 environment including # of employees, # of applicatns on waiting list, # of vouchers, available units, and any applicable information. There are a total of 1,500 applicants on the Section 8 waitlist, with an additional 1,500 on the Section 8 Project Based list.  The Berkeley Housing Authority is currently fully leased. Organizational Chart