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JOIN THE TEAM! - The Recruitment Process

Police Badge Stylized 4The Police Officer examination consists of the following:

• Written Exam
Physical Ability
• Qualified Appraisal Board (Oral Exam)

Candidates must successfully pass each exam phase in order to continue in the process. Following completion of all exam phases, successful candidates will have their names entered on an Employment Eligibility list which will be used by the Personnel and Training Unit of the City’s Police Department to conduct final selection interviews. Candidates will receive via e-mail or USPS mail the results of their final exam.

The most qualified candidates will be contacted by the Police Department for a background investigation. The background will include the verification of education, employment, military (if any), criminal history, civil litigation, credit history, DMV records and personal history. Personal contacts will be made with relatives, friends, neighbors, landlords, employers and other associates.

Candidates selected for a background investigation will be required to submit to a voice stress analysis test as part of the background investigation.

Upon a conditional job offer, candidates will be scheduled for medical and psychological evaluations. The medical portion includes pre-employment drug screening. The employment offer is contingent upon successfully completing and passing these evaluations.

You may apply for all Police Department positions when it is open for recruitment only. You may complete a “notified by e-mail” interest to receive an e-mail notification when the City opens the various Police position open for recruitment.

How to be notified by e-mail (interest card) 

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For more info, contact the Police Dept / Personnel & Training Bureau at:
PHONE: (510) 981-5977 • EMAIL: