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Tips on how to scale a six foot wall

The "walking" can be accomplished by first standing at the base of the middle of the wall and grabbing the top of the wall with both hands held slightly apart. Once in this hanging position, place one foot squarely on the wall about waist high directly in front and center the body's weight on this foot. Then bring the weight on that foot. Next, move the other foot slightly higher than the second foot and rest your weight on it. Repeat this same sequence again until you have "walked" up to the top of the wall. (Remember to keep your toes pointed up and the bottoms of your feet squarely against the wall. DO NOT roll your body to either side, but continue to directly face the wall at all times.)

Once level with the top of the wall, take the strong foot (right foot for right footed people, etc.) and place it over the top of the wall. Once there, use it to hook the rest of your body over to that side of the wall. The rest is easy. However, PLEASE NOTE that this method may be hazardous, as losing your grip while hooking over can cause you to fall backwards, head first. So please have someone position themselves underneath you when you are prepared to hook over the top of the wall when attempting to master this technique.

Stick Figure Scaling Wall

Once this method is done smoothly, you may be able to speed up the maneuver by combining the first two steps into one motion, which results in taking a few quick steps and leaping for the top of the wall (to grab) while planting the first foot as high as possible on the wall. In this manner, some time is saved by eliminating the separate motion of starting at the bottom.


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