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In partnership with a culturally diverse community, the Berkeley Police Department is committed to the effective suppression of crime and drug-related activity, and to providing a safe and secure environment through vigorous law enforcement. The Department will strive to identify and solve problems that threaten the quality of life in its community.

Recognized as one of the most progressive and innovative law enforcement agencies in the country, the Berkeley Police Department continually strives to develop programs which focus upon increased service to the community in conjunction with enhanced effectiveness in combating crime.

Some of these programs include: foot and bicycle patrol, Neighborhood Watch Program, motorcycle patrols, and the Special Response Team.

The Berkeley Police Department seeks ambitious men and women who desire to build a worthwhile career in the professional police field. Our goal is to have a workforce that reflects the diversity found in the community so that we enhance our ability to understand and respond to a variety of service needs.

Successful officers are characterized by the ability to make sound decisions that are based on fact, not emotion, quickly and repeatedly throughout the day. With a genuine concern for the safety of the community and the quality of life of its citizens, successful Berkeley Police Officers are alert and ready to take action.

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