City of Berkeley • Police Employment


Background Check /
Pre-Hire Screening

Assuming you have passed all phases of the examination process and achieved placement on the eligiblity list, the department may call you in for final selection interviews. After the final interviews, should the department choose to hire you, a background investigation as well as medical and psychological screening will need to be passed in order to be considered.

The Police Department will make contact with chosen candidates to conduct the background investigation. This will include the verification of education, employment, military, criminal history, civil litigation, credit history, DMV records and personal history. Personal contacts will be made with relatives, friends, neighbors, landlords, employers and other associates. Candidates selected for a background investigation will be required to submit to a voice stress analysis test as part of the background investigation process.

Final chosen candidates must also pass a medical and psychological examination as a condition of employment. The medical portion includes pre-employment drug screening. The employment offer is contingent upon successful completion of these evaluations.

The Berkeley Police Department (BPD) does not make inquiries into areas of a candidate’s background that have no legitimate bearing on his or her qualifications for the job. The mere presence of information considered negative or less than favorable in your Personal History Statement does not automatically bar you from having a background conducted. While such information itself may not automatically remove you from consideration, lack of truthfulness or deception will bar you from further consideration.


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