City of Berkeley • Police Employment


How to Become a City of
Berkeley Police Officer

To be considered for a Police Officer opening with the City of Berkeley, candidates must complete an on-line application when the position opens up for recruitment. If candidates meet the minimum qualifications for a Police Officer, he/she will be invited to participate in the testing process which is outlined below.

Testing Process

The Police Officer examination consists of the following:

  1. Written Exam
  2. Physical Ability
  3. Qualified Appraisal Board (Oral Exam)

Candidates must successfully pass each exam phase in order to continue in the process. Following completion of all exam phases, successful candidates will be placed on an Employment Eligibility list which will be used by the Personnel and Training Unit of the City’s Police Department for final selection.

Selection Process

The City of Berkeley’s Police Department hires Recruits and Laterals throughout the year. The selection process begins at the completion of the oral board process and may extend up to four to six months or longer.

  1. The Department reviews applications and a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)
  2. Contact Candidate for a Pre-Background interview
  3. Personnel and Training selects candidates for background check
  4. Candidates who pass the background check will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief
  5. Chief recommends hire and candidates will receive a Conditional Offer of Employment
  6. Medical and Psychological exam – candidates who receives a conditional offer of employment are scheduled for medical and psychological exam
  7. After passing the medical and psychological exams, employment with the City of Berkeley will begin after a date has been set with the selected candidate


Applying / Testing 


For more info, contact the Police Dept / Personnel & Training Bureau at:
PHONE:  (510) 981-5977   •   EMAIL: