On-Line Access to Current Zoning Applications 

Directions to Accessing On-Line Records for
Current Zoning Applications:

  1. Read and accept the “Disclaimer” below,
  2. Scroll through the list of pending projects, which are arranged alphanumerically by street name and street number to identify the project of interest, and
  3. Follow the key:  

    Click on the Permit# to view Application Materials
    Click on the Project Planner's name to email them directly
    Click on the Hearing date for ZAB or City Council Agendas


Public Records:  All documents received by the Land Use Planning Division as part of a permit process are considered public record, and are likely to be posted on-line for public review.  Anyone considering submitting written comments on a proposed project should exclude any personal information that he/she does not want posted on-line. 

Limitations in on-line documents:  Staff seeks to update the electronic records for pending projects at the end of every week; however, given holidays and “closed” days for cost reductions, this posting may require up to three weeks.  While staff makes every effort to post records within a week, given the high volume of paper being process, occasional omissions may occur.  If you believe we may have received a document within the past three weeks that has not been posted on-line, please contact the Land Use Planning Division at 510-981-7410 to inquire.   The paper file maintained by the Land Use Planning Division is the true legal record for each project.