Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 08-22-2017

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Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2017-0021 1124 Arch Residential addition over 84 sq. ft. that exceeds 14 feet in average height in the R1-H district James Frank 09-04-17
ZP2017-0088 2909 Avalon Over 14' addition to single family dwelling and enclosing a balcony Lucy Sundelson 09-04-17
ZP2017-0080 2050 Berkeley Way Add beer/wine to approved full service restaurant use Sharon Gong 09-04-17
ZP2016-0254 1441 Campus To create an approximately 90 SF of new floor area at the rear of a SFR, within a rear yard setback of 5'-10" where 15'-3" is otherwise required Lucy Sundelson 08-03-17
ZP2017-0084 2025 Center Modify construction hours for parking garage Lucy Sundelson 08-03-17
ZP2017-0119 791 Contra Costa To construct a bay window in a non-conforming setback Vicky Schlepp 09-11-17
ZP2017-0047 1805 Franklin Major residential addition over 14' in average height and vertical expansion of non-conforming setback James Frank 09-11-17
DRSL2017-0008 901 Gilman Installation of storefront entry for tenant space "B", (2) single occupancy restrooms fro tenant space "E", and relocation of (E) roof access ladder Anne Burns 08-24-17
ZP2016-0141 1357 Glendale Replace existing 2nd floor deck and add new 3rd floor deck James Frank 09-04-17
ZP2017-0063 835 Hearst  Lifting an existing single family dwelling to create a new 2nd floor at 835 Hearst  Lucy Sundelson 08-07-17
ZP2015-0162 2434 Ninth New two story accessory building. Alison Lenci 08-21-17
ZP2017-0034 1029 Page 651 sq. ft. addition, over 14 ft. in height, continuation of non-conforming side setback James Frank 08-22-17
ZP2017-0009 2615 Regent Construct a detached accessory building Sydney Stephenson 09-04-17
ZP2016-0207 2527 San Pablo New 6-story mixed use project with 63 apartments and ground floor retail. Leslie Mendez 08-16-17
ZP2016-0134 3100 San Pablo Change of use from office to medical Greg Powell 08-03-17
ZP2016-0142 970 Santa Barbara  Major residential addition  James Frank 07-11-17
DRCF2017-0005 2777 Shattuck Final Design Review Anne Burns 08-09-17
ZP2017-0043 2621 Tenth Demolition of two derelict former dwelling units Layal Nawfal 08-10-17
ZP2017-0045 590 Vincente New 522 square foot accessory building Lucy Sundelson 08-28-17