Community Outreach

Division of Environmental Health: OutreachHealth inspectors in the Division of Environmental Health are active in community outreach such as staffing informational booths for the annual Health and Safety Fair held during Public Health Week.  They inform neighborhood associations during the evening of available services.  Health inspectors meet with representatives from the business community and with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss issues.  They discuss rabies warnings with citizens and the Animal Control Division. 

The Environmental Health Specialists convene mandated food handler training classes and monitor special events so that participants enjoy the food and nearby residents are not inconvenienced by noise.  A Environmental Health newsletter is published to educate food facility operators, swimming pool owners, and residents of Berkeley about environmental health issues.

Staff also interface with the Community Health Commission, Tobacco Coalition, Coordinated City Services Task Force, Anti-Blight Task Force, and University of California at Berkeley.

In situations where there are complaints but no violation of existing codes, staff has been trained by Berkeley Dispute Resolution to bring the parties together for problem resolution.