10.10.10 gardening BYA(1)Take Action on Climate Change

Our community will reach its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets only if everyone plays a role. In fact, making choices that reduce global warming pollution often have other benefits. 

Take these examples:

Photo credit: Peg Skorpinski

Join one of the working groups of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition.  The Coalition is made up of local non-profits, educational institutions, businesses, faith-based organizations, public health organizations, neighborhood groups, government agencies and committed individuals, all working together to implement the Berkeley Climate Action Plan. Join one of the working groups: Transportation, Water, Community Gardens, or Community Choice Energy.

Calculate your carbon footpring using the California Carbon Calculator. Do you want to get a more realistic idea of how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions result from your lifestyle choices? The tool also shows you how specific actions will reduce your carbon footprint.

The Climate Action Plan gives us all the opportunity to work together toward a shared goal: reducing Berkeley's greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone of us is invited and encouraged to play a role in fulfilling this shared goal. Start today!

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